Write a description of your home, describe the entrance to it, and write about a room you particularly like.

There are many kinds of houses which differ in their looks, features and lots of other things. But no matter how much they look different, they all have the same definition, the place where you feel safe, comfortable and settled. As for me, I like modern houses. They are, in my opinion, more up-to-date and more attractive.

I live in a spacious modern two-stories house in the center of Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh. When people look at my house from the street, they see, right away, the high trees around my house and the brickwork roof of it.

When you enter the front door you can see the huge chandelier in the top of the entrance hallway. Also, you'll definitely notice the white marbled stairs up to the first floor.

In the first floor, there are two bedrooms, one bathroom and a large living room. The living room, which is the room that I really like in my house, has two big sofas and a very nice massage chair. And with an amazingly huge LCD screen in it, it is quite nice for watching movies and having some popcorn at night!

My home, for me, is very important. Everyday when I come back from work and close my front door, I have a nice feeling that my day was special. Without a house that you like, you can never go on with your life.

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I'm supposed to have TOEFL next week, but I'll postpone it to November or December. I don't have problem with reading and listening. But, as you can see in that bad passage, I really do have problems with speaking and writing.
The essay I wrote above is not from a TOEFL preparing book or something, it's just a topic in one of my English books. I know it'll never come on a TOEFL test, but I'm trying to write a lot to improve my writing skill.

Please read my essay, and tell me how can I make it better.