“Experience is the best teacher” is an old cliché but I agree with that. Although some people think that best way to learn about life is by listening to our elders and friends, I believe that people learn the best by their experiences. Learning by our own experiences is long lasting and provides better learning. Most of all, learning by our own experiences help people to become more mature and ready to tackle difficulties of life.

First of all, chapters we learn through our own experiences are long lasting. We remember those lessons for long time and always remember not to repeat them again. On the other hand, if we learn from our friends and families, we forgot those things pretty quickly. As we don’t go through that process ourselves, we over look their advices and suggestions. But, when we go through the obstacles and hurdles our selves, we experience whole process. These hands on experiences help us to remember our journey and keep us alert for long time.

Second of all, In addition to extended impact, learning by experiences is most informative and understandable. When we realize something ourselves, we understand them more and research more. These experiments and inferences help us to master that subject. Consider, for example, chemistry is very tough subject but when we practice same formulas again and again, we learn more. Same things apply to the experiences of life.

Finally, our experiences about own life help us to mature. When we are in teenagers, we learn to make friends. When we a university students, we learn how to build our carrier. Same way, when we get married, we learn how to take the responsibly of family. Learning is a lifetime process. We must learn some thing from our life to make our future better and ready to take care of hardships our lives.

Overall, although I believe that we learn many things from our family and friends such as social skills, trust and love, I think that learning from our own experiences are long lasting. Experiences also help us to learn more and better prepared for the future.