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Groups or organizations are an important part of some people's lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Groups or organization are an important part of our life. More precisely speaking, there is no one can make alive without co-operating with others in this society, which make groups or organization become more and more importantly both in economic and social aspects.

Firstly, on the economic level, after hundreds of economists had proof that it is more efficient for everyone in the society doing the part of the work in the production process, and maximizing the output value under the teamwork. That is to say, within the highly competitive market, groups or organizations like companies or factories are the critical units to leverage individualís effort and expert ability to pursue the profits for all of its members. Moreover, that is nearly impossible for a doctor to specializes in all of the subjects of medical sciences, and also it is need to have a whole team to work together even in the easiest surgery. The people works in a group structure not only make greater value but also allow us to complete the complex task we cannot do when alone.

Secondly, in the social aspect, there is another type of groups and organizations which also provide an important social function that allows people to make friends, share their feeling and also help each other when needed. For example, college teachers usually encourage their students to form a study group to share the reading workload and the point of view with their team mates. By making new friends and doing their tasks together, students tend to easier and happier to overcome the barrier when they are facing the difficulty. Again, this case showed the importance of groups and organization in peopleís daily life.

In sum, the groups and organizations can not only inference our life both in the economic and social aspects. If we can embrace the benefit of the groups and organizations, it will be much easier to make alive in the modern society.