If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

There are many subjects of study; nobody can be a master of all subjects. So everyone decides a specific subject to study and so did I. I decided to study civil engineering. But if somebody gives me the option to study a new subject that I never got the opportunity to study, my preference will be computer programming.

Today’s age is the information age. Computer is the inevitable part of our life today. Almost in every technology it is embedded now. I always tried to involve myself in technological issues. I believe computer programming is the area which would be a lucrative way to deal with technology and for earning money as well. It is ubiquitous and very useful today. Bill Gates, a computer programmer, is the richest person in the world now.

Besides, computer programming is creative. With it human being has built not only software that is used in our daily life but also has built models of what we can imagine. A computer programmer is creating games where we see the structures starting from the ancient age to the Nano age. So a computer programmer is using both the efficacy and creativity of his own. Everyday he is adding something new to the society.

Likewise, computer programming is one of the best ways for the application of Mathematics. Numerous complex problems can be solved by computer programs. Computer programs are very fast for information addition, manipulation and retrieval. For example, the Google website is providing millions of website references in just a fraction of one second. In industries, all machineries are now driven by computers.

In addition, as I have studied in a different subject, using computer programming I might have developed some computer programs that are relevant to my technology. So it could have helped me a lot to implement my own researches.

In conclusion, I always honor the role of computer in our life. It is no wonder that in future we would see that computers are driving our vehicles in the road. But the brains inside the machines are manipulated by computer programming. I would really like it if I study computer programming.