Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should be paid according to how much their student learn. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

I think, teachers should not get salary on the basis of their class results because only teachers are not responsible for the learning process of their students. All the students do not have same learning abilities. It can also make the teachers dishonest.

Firstly, teachers are not the only people who are responsible for their studentsí studies. Students themselves and other people, who take care of students after school, are also responsible for their academic accomplishments. A teacher does not have enough time in a class to give individual attention to every student. For instance, A teacher has thirty to forty five minutes time period to teach a class of thirty students. She can not give more than one minute to every student because in this short time period, She has to take attendance of students, deliver the lecture, and check the home work. Parents and other care givers are responsible for their learning after school to improve their grades. They have the responsibility to ask the students to do their homework. Therefore, a school management can not evaluate a teacherís teaching abilities on the basis of their students results because she is not the only person who is responsible for their studies.

Secondly, every student gain knowledge with his own natural ability to learn. It is not necessary that all students will learn something at the same time. For example, in a class some students give more concentration on studies and some take extra time to learn something. A student who has Autism will concentrate less than a normal student. As a result, the results of a class will not be uniform. Teachers should not be paid according to their students learning amount because in a class some students learn actively and some passively.

Thirdly, may be, teachers become dishonest when they will be paid on the basis of their students learning. They will not teach them to clear their concepts which can be helpful in their future practical life. Instead of that they will be worry about the results of the tests and exams of the students. For example, they teach only the topics which they are going to give in the exams because they will want their students to get good grades. That is because they know that if the grades of the students will be good then their salary will be increased. If a school administration give salary to a teacher on the basis of their students results, the teacher would become dishonest towards her duties.

In conclusion, Teachers should not be get paid on the basis of their students learning because many other people than teachers are responsible for students academic success. All the students do not have same abilities to learn. It can make the teachers dishonest.