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Thread: Status change from B1 to F1

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    Status change from B1 to F1

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    I would on a business visit to USA on B1 visa and I am interested in pursuing my masters, which means that I want to apply for COS (Change of status)from B1 to F1. I don't know how and when to initiate the process and I have few question about the same.

    1. Do I have to disclose that my purpose of entry is to do my masters ? (many of them say its not required since I'm on B1)
    2. If I have to start the process when can I start it once I enter USA ? (As per my knowledge after going through many websites it says 45 days after entering USA).
    3. Since this is my First visit on B1 is it appropriate for me to go for COS ?
    4. If I get COS done successfully, how long can I stay in USA ?
    5. what are the chances of getting COS done successfully from B1 to F1 ?

    I posted the same questions on another forum they are talking about annotation.. how important is that. If I don't have that annotation will I not be able to go for COS.

    I would really appreciate if any one could help me answer this questions with precision and I need your guidance.

    I am very desperate and nervous as I have to start soon. And my intention is to get the COS done.

    Thank you..


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    A better approach would be to seek admission into the university of your choice, get an I-20 from them and go for the F1 visa stamping in your home country. This is the best approach for studying in the US on a student visa.

    Now, if for some reason you do not want to go to the consulate for a visa stamp, then here are the answers to your questions.

    1. Better to not disclose, because a B1 is not meant for studies.
    2. AFAIK, there is no time requirement. But if you have read a 45 day limit somewhere, no harm in waiting for 45 days.
    3. Like I said, it is better to get a F1 stamped from your home country.
    4. Till the duration of your study.
    5. Depends on a lot of factors. Your documentation, finances, ability to convince your intention to return, the school you are seeking admission etc.

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