What does “sally” mean? (+ a short quiz!)

A sally port. People exit through it. (And enter, for that matter.)


What does “sally” mean?

Part of Speech: noun

Pronunciations: IPA: /’sæl.i/ Glossary-style: [SAL-ee]

Definition: noun: a rush forward; an attack, as by a group of soldiers against an enemy. a trip or excursion. a sudden witty remark. verb: rush or leap out suddenly. rush out to attack an enemy. start a trip or excursion (Ex: to sally forth into the world).

Example: The soldiers emboldened by betel nuts sallied forth in crazed excitement to meet the enemy and their destiny.

Practice vocab questions for “sally”

1. To sally is to
(A) rush out quickly, as to attack
(B) flee or evade
(C) make dirty
(D) waste time
(E) meet a hirsute male named Harry

2. Sallying forth into the world, Candide ——- his idyllic hometown to ——- a journey of discovery that would forever change him.
(A) romanticizes . . revere
(B) envisions . . refine
(C) embraces . . negotiate
(D) leaves . . commence
(E) rejects . . eschew


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  1. sally came from “sallied”
    sally means
    verb:an attack by a champion or an advocate or a vindicator or defenders of a town.
    sally is no common word when it using as a noun.
    Name like noun:Sally is a feminine given name which is of Hebrew origin. It’s mean princess.
    The noun SALLY has give three additional meanings:

    1. witty remark
    2. a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position
    3. a venture off the beaten path

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