What does “bohemian” mean? (+ a short quiz!)

Many would consider Bob Dylan (left) and Allen Ginsberg (right) bohemians (even though they were both quite financially successful).


What does “bohemian” mean?

Part of Speech: noun

Pronunciations: IPA: /boʊ.ˈhi.mi.ən/ Glossary-style: [bo-HEE-mee-un]

Definition: noun: someone who is from or lives in Bohemia (a historical region located in the present-day Czech Republic in central Europe). someone who is unconventional, especially in lifestyle or appearance (Ex: young bohemians struggling to make a living).
adj: unconventional, especially in lifestyle or appearance (Ex: bohemian artists).

Example: When I think of “bohemians,” I think less of the Czech Republic than I do of young people who live in such cities as Paris or New York City and have dreams of living in an ideal world in which people value art and creativity and don’t stereotype others.

Practice vocab question for “bohemian”

A bohemian (note the lower-case b), would be most likely to
(A) imbibe copious amounts of malt beverages
(B) seek physical pleasure above all else
(C) make an ostentatious show of his knowledge
(D) eschew monetary success so that he could pursue his passion for writing poetry
(E) avoid contact with people



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