What does “fetid” mean? (+ a short quiz!)

We can only hope that Oscar enjoys the fetid smells of the town dump


What does “fetid” mean?

Part of Speech: adj

Pronunciations: IPA: /ˈfɛ.tɪd/ Glossary-style: [FEH-tid]

Definition: having an extremely bad smell.

Example: The fetid smells of the rotting food were so strong that no one could enter the kitchen.

Practice vocab question for “fetid”

fetid most nearly means
(A) humorous
(B) offensive
(C) florid
(D) stinky
(E) rueful



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  1. fetid(adj):It means having an disgusting or loathsome or nasty or Angriff smell.
    It came from a Latin word “fetidus”, which means to stink.
    It is basically referred to as foul-smelling, funky, foetid, smelly, stinking, foul, noisome, putrid, malodorous, malodourous,ill-scented, niffy.

    very rare case if it is used as an adj.

    example:the kitchen smelled really funky

    1. I think the words funky and fetid have different connotations in the US, the former being used more facetiously and the latter being more formal or dated. I think it’d be more common to call something smelly.

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