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Thread: My experience on ACT

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    My experience on ACT

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    Today I took the ACT I do not have so much time to prepare, but I need only 18 so I tried, my experience was not so good and there are some reasons that make my score poor. even I do not know my score I m not expecting the score that I need. the subjects of the test I already knew. I studied with the book called cracking ACT princeton review the only thing that was not good was the math test that the real maths in the test is so far more difficult than that in the book... but the rest is ok but now my worst problem in all sections was the time... oohhh the time is so cruel one example in the reading section we have only seven minutes for each passage in a total of five passage in 35 mim for you have one idea in the last passage I couldn't have time to read so my answers on this was totally guessed furthermore i had problem with the time in all sections. so you can imagine that I had to guessed in many answers. it will be very difficult to get 18 but who knows...... now I have to wait until april to take it again at least I will have more time to prepare myself.............. bye sorry about my writing I know that is is bad but the important thing here is to understand that time is one of the most important things o this test and in my opinion it is unfair.......
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    It's been a while, huh? Did you ever get your score? Did you make it? Are you in the US already?
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