Hello people!
I am Baris and I got accepted to TUM MSc. Informatik and the Max Planck institute in Saarland University for the MSc. Computer Science for the SS2016. Latter is the International Max Planck Research School for Computer Science (IMPRS-CS), jointly run by the MPI-INF, the MPI-SWS and the Saarland Universityís CS department. They offer a scholarship of 800 euros per month, a MPI membership and other small benefits (finding accommodation, guidance, etc). I canít decide between TUM MSc. Informatik and this offer, and I think that I might use your help to help me decide.
My ultimate goal is to create a start-up company and run my own business, however for the short-term, I am planning to find an interesting and well-paid job in industry and gain some experience. But it shouldn't sound as I don't like to do research. What I hesitate most about Saarland is the highly research-oriented nature of the program and the difficulty of finding a job after graduating from there as my practical skills will become blunt over there. TUM is surely more reputable in industry compared to Saarland and its curriculum is more practice-oriented, but MPI is also very well known in Germany and there is a scholarship. Please share your opinions. Thanks!