Hi everyone! I hope i am not posting this in the wrong section.
I have been accepted into the Economics Program in Barcelona GSE and the MSc in Economics at Stockholm SSE. Plus, I am waiting for answers from other schools, especially LSE PSE and Bocconi. I am confident I will be accepted in Bocconi, a little less for the other too, I don't know what to expect, but anyway I want to start picturing my options. I am paying the reservation fee in BGSE so that I can take some time to choose
Given that I am passionate about Macro, I would lean to choose Barcelona, but the fees are high (no funding, unfortunately) and I am doubtful. I think that it is better compared to Stockholm, given that the latter is free (i am a EU citizen) but I would have to spend two years in the much more costly (and less entertaining, also) Stockholm.
Hence, I am thinking about making a bit of a financial stretch and paying for GSE. But what would you advise if i get into the other schools?
Of course, as my ridiculous nickname suggests, I would like to continue to a PhD (hopefully the US) later. I am interested in Macro but I am also not sure about that, since I like lots of areas.
Also: I got a pretty bad GRE (161 Q, with an interesting, but kind of useless, 169 V): given that I was able to get into a couple of good schools with this, should I think of retaking it anyway? I mean, if I take the Masters in BGSE and place myself good in the course, will the GRE still matter much for a PhD/MRes? (of course I think i can score higher than that, but I really have trouble in when to take the exam).
Sorry if I have been long and asked wrong questions, new here.
Thank you in advance!