Hi! I'll cut it to the point:
I put BGSE in the title because I have been admitted into the Economics program, but since I have no scholarship it's almost impossible for me to pay for it.
I was rejected today from PSE which had become by second choice. I am Italian and I have an offer from the University of Bologna (LMEC), which I hear has got a good program but is far less present in forums and discussed.

Hence, as of now I have three choices
-Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), of course MSc Economics
-Bologna LMEC
-stopping for a year (I am graduating in July), retake the GRE (only got 161 Q, even if I have 169 V which is kind of useless anyway), maybe do an internship or look for a job and re-take some applications, in order to improve my chances of getting scholarships and admissions where I have been rejected.
Of course, as my username suggest, I'd like to go on to a PhD. My first choices where LSE (where I have been rejected) and BGSE so I am a bit taken aback from how it turned out.
I hope you can help me! Thank you very much!!