Hello guys.

This year I have applied 8 schools for MSc economics and econometrics.
Which are
Mphil Econ at Oxford (Pending)
MSc Econ at LSE (Rejected)
MSc Econ at UCL (Rejected)
MSc Econ at Warwick (Pending)
MSc Econ and Econometrics at Nottingham (Pending)
MSc Econ and Econometrics at York (Offer)
MSc Econ(Econometrics) at Edinburgh (Pending)
MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg (Offer)

Sadly I got rejected by both UCL and LSE. However, York and Tilburg sent good news. The other schools are on pending status.
As of now, I do not expect much from Oxford, but about Warwick, Nottingham and Edinburgh, I am quite positive.
Could you guys help me opt the best MSc programme among the list for PhD?

Thank you