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Thread: Admit to UIUC

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    Admit to UIUC

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    hey all..

    posting after a loooong time..
    Just wanted to have some advice from all u guys there..
    I got an admit to UIUC.. no news about scholarship yet..
    Consider no aid, what to u guys think? Is it worthwhile spending so much on an MBA from UIUC???
    Any feedback you may have for this B-school is most welcome..

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    Trying to make mom and pop proud
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    I think ...going to any B-school, you gotta be ready to spend

    so just check for the program/university and the future career opportunities after graduation..

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    From my computer science perspective, if UIUC (ranked #4 or something like that for computer science) offered me admission for their MS in CS, I would probably decline unless I could probably get a TA/RA/GA position by the second semester.

    This is because being tied down having to pay large student loans can be even more limiting than not having a graduate degree:

    Thinking grad school? Timing plays a key role - The Boston Globe190
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