Very regularly we receive requests from our users to either delete or edit posts that they have made, usually because hey believe that these posts contain too much information. I should note that our forum guidelines contain specific advice about not posting too much information publicly, but it's still an issue.

For a long time, we have discussed internally whether we should allow users to modify their posts after a certain period of time. In the past, when we did allow users to modify their posts indefinitely, sometimes users would return and delete all their posts, which wreaked havoc on threads. So, long ago, we changed our settings so that members had a few days to edit their posts, but after that, they would need to contact a moderator to make changes.

Some have always thought that people should think carefully about what they post, and not be able to edit their posts later. Most of our members seem to agree with that as well. However, we still receive many requests to delete posts, delete accounts, delete all posts, or edit a few posts.

As times change and understanding of online privacy matures, we will need to make some changes. I have seriously considered removing the time limit on editing for a long time, although as I mentioned, many members seem not to want this change.

What I would like to do in the time being, however, is the following–create a special private, members-only jacket forum that is hidden from the search engines, but available to users who are logged in. I imagine that we would move posts by request into this forum, while also allowing members to post in that forum instead of the search engine-viewable forum. For now, I would like this to be a "catchall" forum where any post is allowed, not simply the popular ones such as the "what are my chances" posts.

This is actually a fairly simple change to make, and I hope to have this done in a couple of days. But I would like to mention this to everybody ahead of time in case anybody has any passionate feelings about the matter.

Thanks for reading!