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  1. NBCOT OTR - Occupational Therapy Registered Exam
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  5. Hello Nbcot Preparators,
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  8. Option for candididate with 41/2 yr OT (India)
  9. Difference between TOFEL+TWE+TSE and TOFEL iBT
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  11. Are there any General Subjects requirements for NBCOT Category B
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  14. does any one know an NBCOT review center in manila?
  15. give me advises, please?!!!
  16. need a study partner
  17. Hi guys I took OTR yesterday
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  22. NBCOT online practice test are useful?? or waste of money
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  35. OTED file closed due to TOEFL (Though completed Category B Requirements)
  36. Need urgent help with Projectwork & Fieldwork please
  37. Need help trying to match OT curriculum items ( US & Out of US Bachelors or Masters)
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  39. Please can someone provide me Masters in OT course descriptions