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  1. How important is Computer Science Subject Test?
  2. CS... univ selection... In trouble
  3. Should I send CS Subject Scores
  4. university of washington ms cs
  5. Chances for Admission in MS/PHD for CS
  6. CS programs receive how many PhD applications a year?
  7. Ivy League PhD CS admission - what are my chances?
  8. where did you apply for CS
  9. MS CS - Final Decision
  10. Help! CS PhD!
  11. MS in CS at UCLA
  12. thanks for the new forum, erin!
  13. Any other MS or PhD students at UMich?
  14. CS univ selection please rate my chances
  15. How abt these universities....are they good or wat ?
  16. CS UTArlington
  17. School that has researches/programs related to your interest
  18. Quality vs Quantity of your work (publication wise)
  19. JHU vs UMN
  20. Help me decide from 2 universities
  21. ABout Me & Any one else applying to C.S Ph.D in Fall 07 , please introduce yourself
  22. Can anyone give me the names of the college that offer Bioinformatics
  23. spring 2007 to minnesota TC
  24. hi
  25. Anyone have an opinion about Colorado's ME CS program
  26. pls help me select univs
  27. M.Sc in Network Engineering programme online
  28. Medium Profile in ECE ! Help me select Universities for Fall2007
  29. Help me select Univs for CS phd in Computer Vision or Robotics
  30. How's the MS Computer Science program at Cal state Fullerton ?
  31. CS or CE?
  32. [Ph.D] Data Mining/AI/Machine Learning Programs
  33. University Selection Urgent Please help
  34. plz help me
  35. Please Guide Me
  36. Estimate ur chances for graduate study in CS!!!
  37. plz help me to select my university................
  38. USEFI ...gud?
  39. Any spring applicants here?
  40. which is ur fave univ?
  41. not received my scores...
  42. Application Queries
  43. what are my chances to get addmission in CS
  44. 3-year plan for getting into cambridge
  45. Info security..
  46. Help me pick Univ.
  47. tentative univ list for MS in CS, Fall 2007.
  48. Gpa-3.8 Gre-1250:: PLZZZ EVALUATE my CHANCES FOR MS CS(Network)
  49. Hi! Rate my chances at CMU...
  50. Computer Science - Fall 2007
  51. Please rate my chances
  52. please evaluate my profile and be honest .
  53. Please Evaluate - fall'07
  54. Fall '07 - Please suggest
  55. plzzz evaluate my chances of gettin admits in foll. univs..
  56. Any Summer'07 applicants to TAMU MS?
  57. Fin docs n recos
  58. Clemson University: Computer Engineering
  59. Statement of Purpose - Career Goals
  60. how many student each university admit per year?
  61. Confusion and Link
  62. UVa + CS
  63. Should I study Computer Science?
  64. AWA screwed.. would u recommend a retake??
  65. Big problem! need urgent help :(
  66. GRE 1470 Q 800 V 1470 Which programs ?
  67. UCSD PhD
  68. univ with low financial aid
  69. Fall 06 admits..
  70. pls suggest me Universities for MS in CS
  71. Can i switch to Computer Science? Plz advice!
  72. Pls help me shortlist Univs
  73. MS in CS SPRING 07
  74. Need Help.. A different case
  75. Distance Education Programs
  76. Chances at MIT!!!!
  77. For those applying to Columbia CS
  78. Top 20 schools for international students?
  79. cs fall 2007 univ selection
  80. univ selection for operating systems (1 yr relevant work ex)
  81. Please evaluate my profile for MS in CompSci
  82. Advice.. (Bachelors in Commerce-MCA) --> MS in Comp Sci
  83. Please evaluate my list MS(CS) fall 2007
  84. regarding publications essential
  85. regarding Recommendation letter
  86. my prospects for an M.S.
  87. Evaluate my profile and suggest some universities
  88. Please Evaluate My Profile
  89. Pls evaluate my profile...lookin at Fall'07
  90. Any CS schools offer financial aid for masters?
  91. nature of recommendation letter
  92. Computer Science PhD, need suggest
  93. Please Evaluate my Profile:
  94. "Safer" UC schools
  95. Summer 2007 applicant to TAMU?
  96. PhD in Digital VLSI & comp arch -- pls suggest Californian univs
  97. Need help in choosing the clg...
  98. Please evaluate profile fall07
  99. need a good link to student forum focused on IT field
  100. CS school list - help pls - GRE 1450
  101. any idea on TAMU, uni of arizona, SUNY Buffalo?
  102. possibility of Ph.d admission in CS
  103. MIT CS Admission...
  104. pls evaluate my profile and help me
  105. What schools don't require GRE?
  106. Evaluate my chances
  107. Admission Chances for M.S.
  108. please help me in univ selection its urgent
  109. MS in cryptography/networking
  110. MS in computer science in TAMU
  111. changing career from pharmacy to CS ... need evaluation & advice
  112. Plz evaluate GRE 1410,Toefl 280,Mumbai univ 60%,Wrkin at amdocs since sept
  113. Please comment on my university list
  114. Urgent-MIS(Masters in information systems)
  115. Need Evaluation of Chances for Phd Program in Computer Science Fall 2007
  116. Plz Help Shortlist Schools for MS-CS, really urgent......
  117. Plz Help Shortlist Schools for MS-CS, really urgent......
  118. Please Evaluate My chance - Deadline Approaching
  119. Syracuse Fall Deadline ?
  120. need to select 2
  121. low awa score
  122. Canadian CS Departments
  123. Whoch school should I apply with low GRE
  124. Whoch school should I apply with low GRE?
  125. plz response About TAMU
  126. SWE vs CS
  127. CS PhD Spring/Fall 2008
  128. Good for software engineering
  129. Chances of getting accepted to Duke for CS Ph.D?
  130. Colleges for Computer Security
  131. osu..reffered for admission. whats the chance for aid?
  132. Anyone with Purdue Results ?
  133. Admitted to NCSU PhD but no word about aid
  134. PhD in computing----Guidance please
  135. PhD in computing----Guidance please
  136. PhD in computing----Guidance please
  137. What is major GPA, GRE scores or publications?
  138. Canadian Universities Admission
  139. UCLA CS PhD Visit Day
  140. Worst Phd program and easy admission
  141. Decision from Univ of Washington-Seattle
  142. plz rank the following univs in their CS dept
  143. dilema abt choosin lse and edinburgh
  144. MS Computing admission...Importance of finanacial support
  145. Any news from USC?
  146. Johns Hopkins MS in CS (epp)
  147. Got U Utah CS MS with schol
  148. How's about MS-CS in U of Illinois at Chicago?
  149. MS Fall 2007-----Deadlines??
  150. anyone with UMinnesota CS results ???
  151. MS Decision ... Opinion Needed !
  152. Anyone with OSU or UNC-CH MS(CS) results ?
  153. MSc from UK.?
  154. Which one is better?--Help me get out this indecision,thank you!
  155. Got admit from CMU - Masters in Software Engineering
  156. anyone with umcp cs-phd result
  157. GaTech or Purdue? (MS CS)
  158. anyone with OSU results
  159. NEU PhD admission ECE - whats the chance of AID?
  160. PhD Decision Fall 2007
  161. Which one would you choose (CS PhD)
  162. SUNY Stony Brook - PhD - Computer Science - Need roomies!
  163. CSU vs UTK..CS PhD
  164. Penn State VS USC
  165. University of Toronto - Computer Science MS/PhD
  166. OhioSU vs UMinnesota TC vs Columbia...
  167. Please suggest between Cornell ( ME) vs / Gatech ( MSCS)
  168. Acceptance rate for Stanford MSCS Program
  169. Gatech vs Columbia
  170. Please Evaluate my Profile for Fall 2008.
  171. Gatech PhD
  172. MS in MIS
  173. What specialization in Computer science do I choose?
  174. please evaluate my profile
  175. Gre Score 1080 univs for MS in CS
  176. Where I can Apply for CS PhD
  177. How good Networking and Comp Security in UPenn CS
  178. CS at Toronto or Waterloo? Last minute decision, help please!
  179. MS in Fall 2008
  180. Please evaluate my profile
  181. Change in Streams !!!
  182. CS admit cross post..
  183. which phd program is best for post-ms applicants? which program is fastest to degree?
  184. Help required in selection of universities!!!
  185. Europe 2007
  186. my chances at USC?
  187. US News Rank for CS in 2006
  188. Profile of successful PhD applicants
  189. PhD 2008----Guidance needed??
  190. Pl. see my profile and shed some light
  191. How important is the GPA and how is it calculated ?
  192. MS CS Fall 08 Network Security
  193. ranklist
  194. 1260 GRE. Advice prospects for Computer Science.
  195. Please guide me on my score
  196. admission for ms in AI fall 2009
  197. GRE (790q + 560v). I chose the following universities for Ph.D. in CS
  198. GRE (1230 Q-760 V 470), Need help on choosing colleges
  199. Plz evaluate my profile 1400 v - 640 q - 760
  200. 1260 Quants 730 (Quite low) and Verbal 530. Where to apply Please Help
  201. How Important are Math Grades? Profile eval...
  202. GRE:1290, MS in CS, Chose these universities,Please help
  203. Is Late October Very Late For Gre For Fall 2008?
  204. GRE:1480, Please suggest appropriate universities
  205. Please Review my profile
  206. Anyone trying for OSU and UofO?
  207. seek advice... look thru my profile and suggest..
  208. Pls evaluate my profile
  209. Please suggest some Universities..
  210. Good MSCS universities? Thanks.
  211. Colleges with Active Embedded system Research
  212. About to apply for Canadian Universities - Need advice
  213. GRE score 1040 in second attempt
  214. General questions about graduate studies admissions
  215. Senior Premed wants to switch to MSCS... Don't laugh
  216. Top schools for database/data mining
  217. Need Advice on Applying to Computer Science Program
  218. bad service from ets!!!
  219. usnews ranking list of grad schools in computer science
  220. Help Selecting the right universities for MS(CS)-1430GRE,(100/120)TOEFL[min expected]
  221. Profile Evaluation
  222. Which of these universities is better?
  223. Please evaluate my profile
  224. ranked list of graduate schools in US for Information Systems Management
  225. Can any1 send me 800 Scores tests's Five test link?
  226. How many LORs
  227. Please evaluate my chances of getting in these colleges-
  228. need comments on profile and university selection
  229. 1300 in GRE.. Review Chances
  230. gre 1290 please review the colleges i can get for ms(cs)
  231. Interested in HCI? Automatic partial funding for MS students.
  232. Can anyone suggest me some good universities for Machine Learning?
  233. Can anyone suggest me some good universities for Machine Learning?
  234. need help in university selection
  235. Why getting an RA position is hard for MS applicants
  236. US News Error Temporarily Cut CMU from Top 10 for Electrical & Computer Engineering
  237. I need suggestion for GRE score.
  238. Final Shortlisting - MSCS Computer Networks Fall 2008
  239. 1310(780Q,530V) BEComps70.1% Mumbai Univ, MS inCS..help reqd
  240. Having an evil time finding interdisciplinary programs
  241. CMU Computer Science Professor is Inspiring Millions
  242. PBT toefl 13 OCT
  243. GRE Verbal Section
  244. How soon is too soon to start research?
  245. Plz Help Me: University selection and profile evaluation
  246. Please help for university-selection
  247. 34 year old looking for PhD admissions advice
  248. Reg. Phd admissions
  249. Help me in shortlisting the universities, please!!!
  250. GRE Subject test