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  1. need help
  2. Speaking partner (female pharmacist candidate preferred) for Dec toefl
  3. Finally ! Idid it thanks god!!!!!!
  4. Kaplan included speaking samples are longer than allowable duration
  5. Preparing for integrated speaking
  6. information about rescoring
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  11. reflects your self assessment
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  13. :P no help needed
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  15. can't wait for rescoring result
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  18. my iBT is tomorrow
  19. speaking and writing partner
  20. what is the best way to review toefl within 20-30 days ?
  21. Audio example for Speaking 26+
  22. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EVERYBODY.I have Toefel exam and i someone who helps me
  23. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EVERYBODY.I have Toefel exam so i need practise in speaking
  24. kaplan and longman toefl ibt cds for grab
  25. kaplan and longman toefl ibt cds for grab
  26. Seeking for a speaking partner!-15th, Dec
  27. How is the speaking part scored?
  28. TOEFL IBT DEC 15th any body had the same problem like me
  29. please help me guys....
  30. how to apply for rescore?
  31. Rescoring speaking section
  32. all jan 12 2008 toefl ibt test takers let get together here
  33. Speaking partnet who wants speaking 26
  34. Is it allowed for the speaking test?
  35. Some Toefls Tips from my side and partners needed
  36. A good TOEFL school?
  37. How did you do with the preparation time for the response?
  38. rescoring?
  39. THis authentic test question confuses me(and my friends)
  40. THis authentic test question confuses me(and my friends)
  41. TOEFL iBT - survey created by test takers
  42. A Real Study Group Can Help Us All (A simple and granted way to pass)
  43. Speaking Partner
  44. All test takers for Jan27
  45. x3 rescoring...no luck
  46. Anybody exam on Jan26
  47. Tips for speaking preparation.
  48. Require speaking Partner
  49. Make use of rescoring opportunity guys!
  50. I'm looking for speaking partner in MA
  51. Anybody can recommand good program and book for Speaking section
  52. TOEFL iBT in SKYPE
  53. Speaking Partner for Feb 24, 2008 exam
  54. Speaking partner for feb 16 toefl exam
  55. speaking partner I need!!!!plaz
  56. I'm looking for a speaking partner in San Francisco.
  57. Skype speaking partner for February 16 exam
  58. Want lady TOEFL ibt speaking partner in texas
  59. i wanna find a lady for toefl speaking section
  60. Toefl Rescoring !!!!
  61. speaking partner is needed :D
  62. I need to speak with a partner for TOEFL
  63. Speaking English friend !
  64. March 7th test takers
  65. Is speaking section that hard???
  66. Strategies for the Speaking section (any suggestions, please, post it here)
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  68. Rescoring .. Aterrible Experience
  69. Speaking Partners/groups Unofficial Thread
  70. toelf ibt exam is the same (the same date) all round the world?
  71. Question for those who got a 26 on Speaking
  72. March, 1/2
  73. TOEFL Speaking... how to start responses?
  74. Second re-scoring is that possible?
  75. Anybody taking exam on 7th March
  76. Second re-score for TOEFL!!!
  77. need study partner in MA
  78. International Pharmacist Association!
  79. Skype Speaking Partner That Needs 26!
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  81. March 14th TOEFL takers
  82. Speaking TASK#2
  83. Speaking Partner
  84. Anyone taking test on March 15th outside USA. Please help.
  85. Hi anybody is appearing for TOEFL from Singapore or Australia
  86. Please post independent speaking topics of March 15th test
  87. Test on March ,29
  88. I got my rescore
  89. How can I make good practice material?
  90. Do you indicate to send the report to Nabp or just leave it blank?
  91. semi-private or small group class for speaking
  92. Task number # - what is your strategy?
  93. Tips/strategy for answering speaking questions
  94. What do you think about these scoring errors
  95. rescore speaking section
  96. study partner in and around boston
  97. Please post your Speaking section Re-score attempts!
  98. Longman Preparation Course for the Toefl(R) Test: Ibt Speaking
  99. toefl practice
  100. I want to sell Toefl iBT books
  101. TOEFL Speaking
  102. TOEFL Speaking
  103. About Kaplan and Longman preparation material for iBT
  104. How to write an essay??
  105. TOEFL iBT Speaking Practice Free
  106. Practice in Cleveland on phone
  107. Speaking Practice for iBT TOEFL
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  109. Poll for Pharmacists - NABP discussion
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  111. At Last!!! I Passed
  112. HELP!!! Preparation to spaeking section!!!
  113. Foreign Trained Pharmacists in VA, MD, PA, NY & DC stuck with 26 speaking requirement
  114. help for speaking ques.4 please
  115. How to start on TOEFL ibT Speaking
  116. Anyone appearing TOEFL iBT on 17th May 2008
  117. 26th April test questions
  118. 26th April test questions
  119. Please share the experience, those who succesfully went through IBT
  120. Anyone offering SKYPE after 6PM Pacific Time? (CA, USA)
  121. toefl ibt speaking sections 3 and 4
  122. Speaking questions (first 2)
  123. Microphone Headset Question.... voice tone??
  124. anyone taking test on May3rd??
  125. need speaking partners
  126. let's finish this xxxx with IBT
  127. May 3 TOEFL IBT speaking experience
  128. who can score me?
  129. looking for a speaking partner in toronto area
  130. Speaking questions 3 to 6
  131. TOEFL on May 30th
  132. Slides Shortage of Pharmacists- TOEFL iBT- International Pharmacists
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  134. Speaking Examples...?
  135. Speaking partner
  136. Unbelievable score
  137. Looking for Partner for Speaking Practise
  138. a question about ibt
  139. independent topic sample answers
  140. urgent speaking partner
  141. June 6th TOEFL TEST Takers
  142. Looking for a Speaking partner for July 11th Toefl-Ibt.
  143. Pronuntiation
  144. Speaking partner
  145. Toefl test on 29June!
  146. My score increased 15 points
  147. seeking a lady to practice speaking for score 26
  148. "for all those who took ibt after 4/26"
  149. I am looking for a lady speaking partner
  150. urgent need for speaking partner-28th june
  151. Toefl Speaking
  152. June 21st exam experience - one more victim
  153. June 21- Test Terminated.. Help
  154. anyone got 6th june test score
  155. Is Toefl iBT good enough to judge if an individual is capable to communicate in Eng
  156. Indian group having TOEFL on 16 August
  157. to TOEFL corey
  158. speaking partners or English native speakers
  159. rescore for may-31 exam
  160. looking for speaking partner - august 2nd
  161. any july 11 test takers in southeast asia??
  162. Taking test on July 11
  163. Any suggestions to rescore my june23rd test results.
  164. How do you support yourself?
  165. anyone interested in a speaking partner through msn
  166. TOEFL on 16th August
  167. Hi anybody is appearing for TOEFL on August 17th from Hyderabad, India
  168. sample speaking questions online
  169. Task Countdown
  170. Speaking Tips
  171. speaking partner through MSN or Yahoo or anythin else
  172. Call for 16th August TOEFL takers from UK or any part of Europe
  173. Speaking partner, Houston TX
  174. need toefl code for nabp
  175. need speaking partner
  176. And... and what if I have nothing to say?
  177. How fast does everyone speak???
  178. When would the certificate arrive
  179. Searching TOEFL partner for study
  180. Looking for study Partners for sep 20 th TOEFL
  181. Need Study partner for speaking in toefl ibt
  182. how to improve scoring on speaking
  183. Speaking Topics
  184. Trouble about independent speaking
  185. anybody took/will take test(july30th - Aug2nd)???
  186. August TOEFL iBT Speaking Part 1,2
  187. what is your opinion in method of answering integrated speaking quistion
  188. looking for a speaking partner
  189. longman preparation course for the toefl ibt book for sale ,new
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  191. speking partner
  192. What to say?
  193. Questions of 16h August
  194. female speaking partner
  195. Idioms for the TOEFL iBT
  196. Seek study partner for practising speaking section..
  197. I got the magic score 26!
  198. Can anyone write me the independant speaking questions from official exam?
  199. I am looking for speaking partner I need 26 in ibt speaking
  200. looking for female study partner in Dallas, Texas
  201. Looking for Companions - for practicing 'Toefl Speaking'
  202. Need Help
  203. i'm having problem, plz help
  204. toefl speaking topics
  205. toefl speaking partner
  206. sorry. i made a mistake... so please the admin del my post! thanks!
  207. need speaking partner
  208. Not unique headline... but really need speaking partner!
  209. If anyone taking the test on 27th of september as iam,let me know
  210. Please post speaking questions in the exam.
  211. Urgent Help Needed!
  212. Did anyone score increased from 22 to 26 after rescoring
  213. Anyone appearing TOEFL iBT on 28th September 2008
  214. October 26th, 2008, ibt TOEFL !
  215. anyone helps me survive ibt speaking?
  216. NABP Revisits TOEFL iBT Standards for FPGEC Certification Sep08-newsletter Pg 149-150
  217. need private tutor
  218. any one has toefl iBT test on 27 september
  219. Need Somebody To Score My Speaking Responces..
  220. Speaking partner in houston tx for a goal of 26.
  221. how is longman's speaking book?
  222. Exam on Oct 12th.
  223. Need Speaking Partner!!urgent
  224. Toefl ibt speaking partner in houston
  225. For speaking practice...
  226. Do we have to save/submit our typed essays?
  227. TOEFL questions
  228. Exam On Oct 11..help!!!
  229. Anyone has exam on Nov 14?... I need partners to practice speaking !!
  230. Have you ever try this website?
  231. looking for female study partner in Dallas, Texas
  232. My TOEFL IBT speaking experience...
  233. Call all pharmacists, urgent action needed!
  234. Need speaking partner at GMT 16:30
  235. How many ideas are sufficient?
  236. need female speaking partener for 26 in speaking
  237. need study partner for oct 25 exam
  238. Anyone writing TOEFL on 15th November?
  239. Rescoring of Speaking Section?
  240. Speaking Partner
  241. Need study partner
  242. Questions regarding rescoring
  243. Pharmacists who requested score report online, please help!
  244. Anyone from Texas for speaking practice?
  245. Speaking
  246. My respond - Please rate it if you can- Thanks!
  247. practice ur speaking
  248. difference between TSE and TOEFL ibt
  249. Looking for speaking partner using skype!
  250. Anyone who wants a good website for toefl review....