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  1. Independant clauses
  2. 'error correction'
  3. 'who is called 'camel' ?
  4. An Expertise?
  5. 'sentence improvement'
  6. 'correct sentence'
  7. Driving a car?
  8. gramatica
  9. gramatica: la orden de las palabras
  10. Mercury vs Other Chemicals
  11. 'sentence correction'
  12. 'sentence correction'
  13. Direct objects?
  14. teacher looked confused OR was looking confused?
  15. 'sentence improvement'
  16. Subject-Verb Inversion?
  17. complex and compound sentences
  18. Height vs Level?
  19. Google did something to me just now...
  20. How to use "which" and "in which"
  21. 'omission of reflexive pronouns'
  22. I'm confused: "cat of mine" or "my cat"
  23. A-E & B-E
  24. Fluctuate as it does?
  25. modifier?????
  26. Which/That
  27. For business or On business?
  28. feel+adverb???
  29. pronouns...
  30. Would you like to go swimming/to swim/for swimming
  31. A smaller subsidary?
  32. working environment
  33. HLEP me with "HAVE"
  34. Should it be "VERY NECESSARY"?
  35. conjunctions....
  36. To help or to helping
  37. From Longman TOEFL Test - 1
  38. usage of "move that"
  39. SC questions
  40. Erin,!!
  41. is the sentence correct
  42. 'one or other'
  43. nor without neither? FANBOYS | Conjunctions
  44. A simple doubt ...
  45. magic's Essay Topic 1
  46. Please Erin see this Essay
  47. help me in this topic
  48. help in this topic(new TOPIC)
  49. NEW TOPIC check it
  50. ??Words??+ Ving
  51. A fortune?
  52. competition is Beneficial Than detrimental
  53. I like red wine "best" or "the best"
  54. suitable fees?
  55. Adverb also used as conjunctions?
  56. I have no idea....
  57. I have no idea....
  58. to + ............????
  59. Grammar lesson: Infinitive vs gerund
  60. Just as... so (too) ...
  61. Nobody......, they......?????
  62. Information Technology Essay Topic
  64. Lpi essay
  65. Life in England
  66. How does one receive a look?
  67. UnCountable Nouns List
  68. The difference between "will" and "would"
  69. Hyphenation
  70. comment on this essay
  71. "Teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun f
  72. Noun modifiers with -s: savings account, salesman
  73. posessive s
  74. How can i get started for the toefl test??
  75. The difference?? particularly vs. in particular
  76. The using of "Instead"
  77. Jack London: '...on wintry nights...'
  78. What is the difference between shall and should?
  79. Is the inviroment being polluted???
  80. What is the difference between then and than?
  81. Urgent!
  82. The more... the less
  83. Examples of the Subjunctive Mood in English
  84. What's the difference?
  85. I still desired her, and she him.
  86. She thought Paris even worse than Rome
  87. Essays. And their importance!
  88. Give me a hand.
  89. plural form, another aspect!
  90. I wish I could believe that you WERE/ARE lucky...
  91. were lucky vs. are lucky
  92. will or would?
  93. It is possible for all of them to be given work...
  94. My sister told me the Earth is/was round?
  95. Know/Know of? The difference?
  96. "Families with fewer children should be rewarded..
  97. inversion
  98. I have absolutely no doubt ______ the innocence of
  99. RETIRED Topic: Music tells us something about a
  100. While playing soccer: Reduced adverb clauses
  101. whether vs. whether it is vs. either vs. be it
  102. 1.5 cake(s) was(were) eaten.(?)
  103. SO MUCH IS NEW TODAY.........
  104. PREPOSITION + "which": conditions under which a small busine
  105. Me vs I
  106. ESSAY: My most engrossing hobby
  107. How many prepositions in a row?
  108. transitive and intransitive
  109. Some questions...
  110. 4 Q's: For a college placement test
  111. Present Perfect
  112. Modification: Unless the transplant involves identical twins
  113. Erin We need Your Help
  114. Important Point
  115. Noun clauses
  116. Compound Predicates
  117. Conditional Words
  118. The points of parallelism
  119. Does Erin Understand My questions
  120. RETIRED TOPIC: Teachers should make learning enjoyable and f
  121. how to choose a roommate
  122. Why doesn't the word "college" or "university" have an artic
  123. any other + singular noun?
  124. Are these words nouns?: 'there', 'first' 'second' , 'count'
  125. I think this sentence has a "fatal mistake".
  126. the different between -ing and -ed in Relative Pronoun?? plx
  127. Best English Grammar Resources on the 'Net!
  128. Essay : Money is not the only measure of success in life
  129. Essay: What are the purposes of the places like museums
  130. Correct? "Children! You have to do your homework at home reg
  131. Please help me (urgent)
  132. Please Erin solve my problem, please----
  133. Difference Between till ’ & ‘ Untill’
  134. Tense
  135. 570! my dream (do not read okie)
  136. Clear? How to improve them?
  137. the word 'legalistic'
  138. commas and conjunctions
  139. Linking Verbs, Subject & Object complement.
  140. Dissatisfaction leads to progress.
  141. prep of adj. clause question
  142. how can we make passive of the following
  143. How can I make passive voice of the sentences starting with
  144. quotations and dialog and such
  145. "Music tells us something about a culture..."
  146. Capitalizing political ideologies?
  147. Wilderness vs Human sites
  148. 2 Competition in today's world ...
  149. infinitive after "but"
  150. The best method to relieving the pressure
  151. Countable/non-countable nouns
  152. Absolute participle
  153. Adverb clause
  154. Correlative conjunction
  155. Inversion
  156. help me correct in case in accodace with formal usage
  157. noun-clause
  158. Some Qs
  159. Indefinite pronoun + preposition of
  160. Is there an indefinite pronoun "every"?
  161. is OK to use "contribute to do..."? thanks!
  162. A challenging grammar question
  163. Gerund as a subject of a preposition
  164. is this grammar?
  165. Introductory adverb phrase?
  166. Do we use a past participle after auxillery verb 'get or got
  167. Which is correct, PDFS or PDF'S
  168. Many idiom/grammer questions. Pls help!
  169. some more grammer questions met in GMAT. Thanks!
  170. The computer is widely used in education, and some people th
  171. As and A's
  172. Should government put more money on building theatres and sp
  173. He, she, they? Maybe he/she? Help please
  174. usage of the noun clause
  175. word order and meaning
  176. Whose, who is who's
  177. please help
  178. GRAMMAR: it was vs. it were vs. they were
  179. I need help please
  180. Can you give me some strict comments for this SAT II essay?
  181. I were and I are? O_o
  183. biggest change in life question
  184. help me out please
  185. help!
  186. Make It Affirmative
  187. Manufacturer: he or it?
  188. [ ] brackets
  189. help me
  190. Parallel
  191. All about the quality
  192. Some Qs
  193. Inversion
  194. particle "to" and infinitive
  195. Is this sentence grammatically incorrect?
  196. Misplaced and displaced modifiers
  197. sentence logic
  198. I am taking TOEFL on 17th Nov. Please do read my essay and c
  199. Please read my essay and comment on it, I am left only with
  200. ???? is there perhaps a mistake ???
  201. please help me
  202. Can soemone proof read my essay?
  203. Usage of consider
  204. laid/lay/lie/lain
  205. "things I weren't sure about" vs "things I wasn't sure about
  206. My 2 cents
  207. Subject/Verb Agreement Question
  208. "It is I." vs. "it is me."
  209. using "more and more"
  210. grammatic question
  211. comparative "fit"
  212. Nominaitve Absolute Phrase
  213. Misinformation abounds!
  214. grammar: "no additives"
  215. If I saw him, I would have told him????
  216. Concordance
  217. Formal English Grammar Forum?
  218. noun as adjective or adjective?
  219. learned vs learnt
  220. non countable nouns
  221. Does TOEFL have these kinds of question?
  222. conditional
  223. sentence correction
  224. Essay writing,... Please, guys tell me, how did I do
  225. 'Eureka' or 'That's funny'--Plzz any ideas?
  226. Profile Essays
  227. Is it...
  228. verb inversion !!! help me please
  229. Is this sentence gramatically correct?
  230. I'm a foreigner and I'd like to know if these phrases are ri
  231. Infinitives
  232. help! preposition
  233. Agree to or agree with?
  234. a few day or a few days?
  235. It even makes toast.
  236. help me
  237. crucial to ensure/crucial to ensuring?
  238. countable "clothes"
  239. People work because they need money
  240. In order to be or in order not to be?
  241. include/ including
  242. A quick grammatical question
  243. Please help
  244. Please help me( Definition)
  245. A very simple question.
  246. horrible vs. horrific
  247. Have been to/Have been in ?
  248. A flock of people is vs. A flock of people are
  249. further and farther?
  250. Matter or Matters?