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  1. Typing Essays by hand or by keyboard
  2. Reagrding toefl test new pattern
  3. Writing Centers on the Web
  4. pro-contra cbt
  5. try it by yourself-good stuff
  6. Remnants
  7. Addressing the writing task. Help me!!!
  9. Free Service by ETS ??
  10. powerprep cd
  11. Paper-based test+essay,how to score?
  12. Topic 183
  13. Topic 183
  14. #069: Major mistake, easy to see!
  15. Most common mistakes: lowercase letters
  16. Paper test in Kosovo-Yugoslavia?
  17. #002 Discussion: Parents are the best teachers
  18. #023 Discussion: In some countries, teenagers have
  19. A list of linking words
  20. score report problem, TOEFL
  21. Will TOEFL help me get a better job in Germany?
  22. Good luck, Renata!!
  23. How's the TOEFL essay different from the GRE AWA?
  24. CBT or PBT
  25. Delta's Key to the TOEFL ???
  26. How can I change my TOEFL exam center?
  27. Essay, why is it so hard?
  28. Thank you everybody!
  29. How Many Questions per Post is Ideal?
  30. Your help, please!
  31. Confused with topic 155
  32. Say my name say my name
  33. I will have CBT in NOV 22
  34. About grade of this passage
  35. Well and truly TOEFLed
  36. Scoring System in Barron's
  37. Help Need Urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. help interpreting the ets sample test score
  39. Need helps on some topics !!
  40. Cancelation of the TOEFL score
  41. Time available for each section
  42. An "old" question, but new for me...
  43. Giving test on 19 th of Nov
  44. How can I calculate / interpret my TOEFL / TWE score?
  45. What discovery in the last 100 years has been most
  46. What is the best format for TOEFL essays?
  47. Tried Cambridge TOEFL test
  48. Good Luck,Erdtek!
  49. Good luck ,Vrushali!
  50. My TOEFL on 22 Nov.
  51. Thanx everyone
  52. Am I ready to take the TOEFL?
  53. Topic for NOV
  54. Is KaplanTOEFL CD Score Representative of Real One
  55. Organization of the TOEFL essay
  56. Most Difficult Part of the CBT TOEFL
  57. TOEFL - New type of questions?
  58. Avni, wish you Concentration and Luck !!! :)
  59. What's the best Paper-Based TOEFL resource?
  60. Here is the article from real TOEFL.
  61. How to calculate score for Writing and Structure?
  62. Formatting doesn't appear in forum; same on CBT?
  63. Toefl Scores
  64. agree or disagree essay and TOEFL essays
  65. computer- based test
  66. Help.....
  67. Any PBT materials as difficult as current test?
  68. Vocabulary Wizards-A good way to improve ur voca.!
  69. HELP!
  70. Two, small, quick questions concerning my score..
  71. Idioms: How do I know or guess idioms?
  72. Is "refutation" important in writing essay?
  73. Useful Sites for the TOEFL
  74. Link for free idioms
  75. How long does it take to get your TOEFL score?
  76. Can somebody help me??
  77. I didn't finish my essay
  78. I love this site !!!
  79. Are posted essays perfect or for us to discuss?
  80. WEBSITE: Free TOEFL Essay Site
  81. What are the best of books for TOEFL ???
  82. topics in real exams must be from the list??
  83. My toefl score was 450 in PBT. But problem?
  84. I have been looking up words but ...?
  85. # 186: Is studying vocab with wordlists helpful?
  86. Simulated TOEFL practice at centers in Vietnam?
  87. Good English language teaching centers in Hanoi.
  88. hi, what is my score
  89. Having missed the TOEFL, what should I do ?
  90. Convert scores at the Peterson tests to the real
  91. What essay score do I need to get 173?
  92. what is 5-25? in structure
  93. How can I get my essay reviewed on this site?
  94. Should we use American or British spelling?
  95. PowerPrep Software Really Needed ???
  96. Powerprep Software Really Needed?
  97. Powerprep Software Needed
  98. hi!
  99. General questions about TOEFL essays
  100. Query regarding TOEFL CBT!!
  101. "Formal and Dated"???
  102. Tips to Write an Essay
  103. Answering Essays - Queries
  104. Hanoi Hilton Opera on Jan 18th.
  105. Can I write short forms on the TOEFL or not??
  106. PBT's essay scores is generally lower than CBT's
  107. resolving problems between individuals or groups is important
  108. powerprep availability
  109. Helppppp plzz
  110. Powerprep
  111. sms(save my soul)...i need help....!!!
  112. Why is the TOEFL score valid for only 2 years?
  113. Any one barron's 10th Edison Listening Question?
  114. download from listening files from gter.net
  115. How could we trust downdowndown.net?
  116. Topic #154 about smoking in public places.
  117. TOEFL: The TOEFL will change in 2005 September (New Format)
  118. New TOEFL in 2005!
  119. Where I can find common TOEFL vocab?
  120. topic #010 about success
  121. Department codes
  122. can we organize our ideas on paper?
  123. What is the difference between the ITP, CBT, and PBT?
  124. A few questions and doubts related to TOEFL
  125. Why not supplement your prep with IELTS books?
  126. Books and dics recommended for TOEFL self-study
  127. How can i prepare best for TOEFL PBT?
  128. Where can i find free download of powerprep?
  129. I think it's one of the reasons for a new TOEFL
  130. Difference between CBT and PBT? No CBT in Poland!
  131. What should I do the day before the test?
  132. what is the topic number of this essay??
  134. TOEFL: 7-digit registration # for score report?
  135. 6 Q's: Some Vocabulary sentences 3
  136. The lastest TOEFL test in 2003?
  137. "Advertising can say a lot about a country" ?????
  138. The difference between 4,5 and 5 scored essays
  139. 13 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vocabulary!
  140. Mr. Erin Billy: May you help me, please?
  141. S/WE 13-29 and TWE 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5?
  142. #049: Do you agree or disagree with the following
  143. #103: In your opinion, what is the most important
  144. What is a PASS
  145. Where can I find TOEFL Vocabulary?
  146. 6 Q's Geochemical models suggest ...
  147. My passport does not have a signature! who is from Vietnam??
  148. Want to study with others taking the TOEFL PBT on 10th May!
  149. Help : Powerprep's error !!!
  150. Modern technology is creating a single world culture
  151. Is the Princeton Review book "Cracking the Toefl" good?
  152. Government should spend more on basic needs???
  153. Hi Erin, What about this intro para? is it OK?
  154. Some people prefer to eat at home
  155. #topic 149:Imagine that you have received some land
  156. Don't know what to do!!
  157. score range
  158. I'm not an apt writer, but can anyone score these essays for
  159. help topic 82,advertisement can tell about a country's life
  160. Speaking in TOEFL
  161. about toefl marking scheme
  162. Q: it is right if I discuss a topic from different respects?
  163. 6 Q's Psychologists have found that lie .....
  164. Advise me about Delta's Key to the TOEFL Test
  165. plz show me , where can i download the real TOEFL test?
  166. Answer for PowerPrep
  167. Mr. Erin
  168. Where can I find the real-Toefl Exam (computer-based) ???
  169. i wanna help
  170. give me some common words about geography and biology ?
  171. can any one help me !
  172. looking 4 the real TOEFL exam question from ETS .
  173. How formal should we go on TWE?
  174. What if I don't follow the conventional essay structure?
  175. source of idioms?
  176. Toefl essay topics
  177. Scores by Phone: Nothing happens when I press "1"
  178. Some of not-so-easy Structure questions
  179. PBT score
  180. New tip for lightening your essay load
  181. 10 tips for surviving TWE
  182. About Longman Prep Book and actual TOEFL
  183. I need help
  184. I cant see Vocab. list A, Jasmine can you send it again
  185. Hiiii frnds
  186. Where can I buy Official TOEFL Publications?
  188. What is going to be changed on June 30 2003?
  189. TOEFL Grammer
  190. Asking for editing TWE
  191. used/applied
  192. TOEFL Essays
  193. TOEFL score report without a seal!
  194. If somebody can help
  195. ETS to Provide TOEFL Test Prep to Every Test Registrant
  196. One Year to prepare for TOEFL......long enough?
  197. Lost TOEFL Examinee's score report -HELP!
  198. How long? And what about preparation??
  199. i want to know the level of my eassy
  200. am i out of topic?
  201. Cambridge Score
  202. Use of Second-Person Pronouns
  203. which score
  204. toefl test on Sat,May 17th
  205. unbelievable!!!!
  206. Listening, Erin, help me!
  207. Use of Transition Signal
  208. what is the phone number of the TOFEL center?
  209. best score to get a score of atlest 213? Please help.....
  210. Writing TOEFL essay on computer
  211. TOEFL: New fee of US $130 starting July 1st, 2003
  212. powerprep software...
  213. Does an essay reader have my personal information?
  214. What are the best materials to get? (newbie help needed)
  215. Should i take TOEFL in Vietnam?
  216. How to start preparing for essay?
  217. i need structure questions
  218. Couldn't understand these topics well
  219. Will I see one of the 185 topics on the real TOEFL test?
  220. Are there any tutorials for punctuation?
  221. is there enough time given before we write an essay?
  222. How long will it take TOEFL score record to reach me in Hong
  223. So frustrated at the progress on CBT Prep!
  224. CBT is too hard
  225. Could a filmmaker be regarded as an entertainer?
  226. Is it acceptable to write a TOEFL essay with 'personal narra
  227. grade my essay now pls,i have my toefl tomorrow
  228. grade my 2nd essay !!!important for me.
  229. essay id=97 was on real toelf cat!!!!
  230. Is My score ok?
  231. Can I ignore any official Essay Topics?
  232. ohhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  233. any advice from those who took toefl exam?..
  234. structure
  235. Symbol, Diction and Figures of Speech**
  236. Are the Names of People TOO personal?
  237. The Tense Form of the Essays: Past, Present, or Future…
  238. Do you think that my outline for #91 is off the topic?
  239. Clarification on TOEFL test...
  240. passing marks
  241. new to this website and fresh candidate 4 GRE & TOEFL how 2
  242. One question for #80 and another one for TestMagic essay log
  243. GRE
  244. My Essay
  245. is paper based test easier or cbt...
  246. Difference between two idioms
  247. Firm stand on one view
  248. When to use "to + verb-ing"?
  249. A formula for the introduction paragraph!?
  250. Just 3000 extra structure questions for practice