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  1. importance of toefl scores in obtaining a visa.
  2. Visa
  3. US Consulate in Hong Kong asking for GMAT scores
  4. INS accidentally destroys many documents...
  5. Tomorow is the big day!!
  6. Special rules for Kuwaiti Scholars
  7. Canada Visa
  8. Visa question!!GRE1220
  9. H4 to F1: I have an H4 and want to study. Do I need an F1?
  10. Would the WAR on IRAQ affect US Student Visas?
  11. Viza for Europian university
  12. Can I go to Mexico?canada for to get F1 visa?
  13. L2 visa -can I study?
  14. F 1 VISA
  15. F1 Visa
  16. VISA
  17. Will it affect my F-1 visa application
  18. H4- F1
  19. Influence of DV Program
  20. VISA help
  21. H4 to F1
  22. H4 to F1
  23. Other Places for F-1 Visa Help
  24. h4 to f1 visa
  25. How to Get a Visa
  26. common VISA questions
  27. HELP : Period of F1 Visa, visa rejection etc. ??!!
  28. urgent help for visas....
  29. suspend study for one semester - visit on a Touristvisa
  30. Read my situation. H1/H4/F1
  31. F-1 visa after departing country
  32. H1 to F1 transfer or direct F1?
  33. Immigration fingerprinting - See http://www.whyfingerprint.c
  34. H1 to F1
  35. H4 to F1.... please help
  36. Retaining current status
  37. Please help
  38. H4 to F1 Process
  39. Visa for Singapore..
  40. F-1 Visa chances for PhD
  41. Letter for change of status from H4 to F1
  42. H4 to F1 in between courses
  43. visa interview length
  44. Visa change from H4 to F1
  45. ADVISE
  47. Petition for F1??, Erin wld you be knowing this?
  48. Test Scores for F1
  49. help needed on I-20!!
  50. F1 Visa Interview Experience
  51. b1-2 visa doubts
  52. F1 denied..please help me
  53. visa ques
  54. H4 to F1 status change
  55. F1 visa - UTEP vs. NJIT
  56. U.S. Visa Information
  57. Visa Screen Certificate
  58. Canada?
  59. F1 denied !
  60. H4 visa to H1visa??
  61. F1 rejected 2nd time !!!! Please advice
  62. Do I need to apply for F1 visa?
  63. F1 student starting non-profit organization
  64. what are the various reasons for rejection of visa?
  65. Iranian physician: H1-B denial
  66. Alien Registration Card
  67. R U JEALOUS? Tell me.
  68. about EAD and work permit
  69. Hi all my friends
  70. Need help.
  71. "Failing Foreigners" (Newsweek)
  72. credential verification service for NYC
  73. Whart are F2-Visa questions in Chennai?
  74. H4->F1 Help.. H4 about to expire in a month and F1 getting delayed.. Plz Help
  75. Filling application: International Students NON immigrant Visa Holder
  76. H1 to H4. Please advice
  77. US H1BVisa in Foreign Location
  78. Therapist visa category.
  79. What about a UK visa??
  80. F-1 worries: Academics, background and social ties
  81. Visa screening certificate?
  82. Anybody for Austraila
  83. Please Help Me!!!!
  84. REALLY IMPORTANT: file your taxes!!!
  85. F-2 for the wife, finance question
  86. Information on VISA
  87. Resources on canada VISA anyone ??
  88. When INS will issue H-1B Visa?
  89. visa stamping for H1B in Mexico
  90. US visa queries...
  91. seems complicated
  92. How long to get the I-20?
  93. Getting married after entering a PhD program
  94. Canada & TOEFL
  95. Student visa -> Green card
  96. travel outside US- re enter diff uni
  97. H4 to H1B???
  98. wht to do with I-20
  99. US Visa Consulate(date prblem)?
  100. H1 B -> F1
  101. Dsp 2019/iap 66
  102. Shall i book visa date? dunno whether i'll b going atall...
  103. causes of visa rejection
  104. URGENT! is it necc to have the barcode below the reciept number?
  105. Bank Statement Model
  106. I-20 lost in mail (Case scenario)
  107. Multiple I-20s
  108. Regarding validity period of passport
  109. UMCP-I-20 Form
  110. Passport renewal
  111. F-1 vs. J-1: which is best?
  112. Is GRE Needed for student visa
  113. visa and offer related query
  114. I got Working Holiday Maker Visa
  115. Filing for F1 having 'Petition to Immigrate' on file.
  116. Canada Student Visa
  117. how early can you apply for visa?
  118. Preponing Visa appointment date in Delhi
  119. F1 Visa Interview
  120. Rejected J-1 Visa
  121. VISA help:
  122. Can anybody please confirm this about 2nd year's fees
  123. passport and travel
  124. F1 Visa interview for Undergraduate studies - Please help
  125. F1 visa- travel 30 days before start of school
  126. Travelling on multiple entry visa but I-20 from diff. school
  127. Is past visa record important while applying for a new visa??
  128. visa form-doubt
  129. Clarification Regarding DS Form Submissions
  130. Dependents on I-20
  131. Fillable PDF Visa Application Forms
  132. Need help on student visa (Financial matters....)
  133. Advice needed ( DS forms)
  134. How long does it take for a F1 visa to get approved after the interview?
  135. Example of a Sponsor Letter?
  136. Visa interview question
  137. Relative in the US?? - Visa Question
  138. Iranians being rejected left and right
  139. PLEASE HELP: H4 to H1 conversion
  140. Signature on F2 I-20
  141. Been there, Done that...Can I do it again?
  142. list of possible interview questions
  143. I-20 duration of course and finances
  144. Visa success/horror stories
  145. I-20 / F1 visa: Help need urgently
  146. Pharmacist: My B1/B2 visa request to US was denied by the consulate two times
  147. Visa at last
  148. bit confused
  149. F1 Visa June 8th
  150. VISA ...help me.
  151. will contact you...
  152. F1 Visa Section 221g !!!
  153. F! Pakistanis
  154. DS156 form
  155. I-129 question: Does met quota count as rejection?
  156. ever heard like this for F-1 visa?????
  157. Visa Date - SOS
  158. Financial statements at Port of Entry
  159. Very late visa appointment date
  160. Visa Interview on Birthday
  161. F1 DS-156 Form
  162. F1 DS156 - Query for Not Applicable Data
  163. Emergency apptmt?
  164. F1 VISA - Peculiar situation!!
  165. DS157 Q10. Query
  166. Visa interview tomorrow
  167. MY GRE score?!Visa interview
  168. Travelling 30 days before start of school
  169. I-20 or DS-2019
  170. Strange situation - VISA
  171. interview
  172. married to American...still need visa?!
  173. Visa renewal?
  174. Experience at port of entry
  175. F1 visa question
  176. F1 denied..consul arrogant...
  177. how many $$ r v allowed to take to US?
  178. F1 & F2 Visas
  179. Got VISA!!!!!
  180. H1b visa interview.
  181. DS-156 queries
  182. Got my visa!
  183. Defer Admission After Visa....plz help
  184. The Right Attitude to get an F-1 Visa
  185. Revalidation of H-1B Visa>>URGENT
  186. M1/f1
  187. Visa Query.
  188. OPT period
  189. sealed envelpe with visa and passport
  190. What to do?
  191. overstayed my F-1
  192. H1 to F1
  193. visa date dilemma
  194. Rejected Twice!! Now want to apply from different consulate
  195. Questions regarding showing of Finance for VISA
  196. Visa to take the NAPLEX
  197. L1 - F1
  198. CGFNS, Visacreen
  199. H4 visa
  200. H 1 B cap 2006-ANY NEWS???
  201. H4-F1 Should I?
  202. international students working off/on-campus
  203. F1 Student, J1 Student or H1 Dependent?
  204. Visa procedure in India(Mumbai)
  205. Visa Interview conversation
  206. VISA for USC
  207. Bank Statment of my husband not mine
  208. visa
  209. I-20....querry
  210. Visa Status Field in Applicaton Forms
  211. help lost previous passport
  212. Possible Visa Q and A.
  213. help! need a good suggestion
  214. India Tops Again!
  215. NJIT Fellowship $4000 vs USC
  216. does it help?
  217. visa for fpgee exam
  218. Some Migration Questions
  219. Can we migrate to H1 from F1 during course of study
  220. h1 visa??
  221. regarding H1 tranfer
  222. instate tuition for F1 or H4?
  223. Visa from Bangalore
  224. work in US!!!
  225. financial aid
  226. marrying a person with green card, whats' my status now?
  227. changing visitor's visa to F1
  228. visa to take FPGEE
  229. Visa application
  230. B1/B2going to H2b going to H1b
  231. Need Help
  232. tourist visa and H1B
  233. Traveling within the US
  234. Possible Visa Q and A (for F2)
  235. visitor visa for US from India
  236. experience certificate during visa??
  237. Emergency Appointment
  238. Newbie Here: F1 and H1 pros and cons...
  239. how long is a students visa issued for a 2 year post grad?
  240. h1b visa......urgent
  241. Is the F1 multiple entry ...?
  242. does it depend on when did u file for H1B
  243. opt related
  244. Free H1b sponsors list
  245. Disqualified F-1 Students Being Arrested
  246. Questions about DS-156 form
  247. Coolpaggy: Please elaborate Visa appl Procedure in India!
  248. Coolpaggy: Please elaborate Visa appl Procedure in India!
  249. H1 to F1 Transfer
  250. Share Ur Visa Experiences Here!!