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  1. 004 Of all the manifestations* of power, restraint in the u
  2. 006 There is only one definition of success — to be able to
  3. 001 In some countries, television and radio programs are car
  4. 043 The most important reason for studying history is not th
  5. My first AWA essay
  6. 051 The presence of a competitor is always beneficial to a c
  7. 084 A business should not be held responsible for providing
  8. 008 For hundreds of years, the monetary system of most count
  10. Mesa Foods, a manufacturer of snack foods that
  12. 007 People who use the artificial sweetener aspartame are be
  13. 011 In the first four years that Montoya has served as mayor
  14. 003 Corporations and other businesses should try to eliminat
  15. 005 All groups and organizations should function as teams in
  16. 024 A powerful business leader has far more opportunity
  17. 027 A company's long-term success is primarily
  18. 006 There is only one definition of success — to be able to
  19. 002 It is unrealistic to expect individual nations to make..
  20. 009 Employees should keep their private lives and personal a
  21. 010 In any enterprise, the process of making or doing someth
  22. 012 Education has become the main provider of individual opp
  23. 013 Responsibility for preserving the natural environment ul
  24. 014 Organizations should be structured in a clear hierarchy
  25. 015 Nations should cooperate to develop regulations that lim
  26. 016 Public buildings reveal much about the attitudes and val
  27. 017 Some people believe that the best approach to effective
  28. 018 If the primary duty and concern of a corporation is to m
  29. 019 Some employers who recruit recent college graduates for.
  30. 020 In this age of automation, many people complain that hum
  31. 021 Job security and salary should be based on employee perf
  32. 023 Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic
  33. 022 Clearly, government has a responsibility to support the
  34. 025 The best strategy for managing a business, or any enterp
  35. 026 Location has traditionally been one of the most importan
  36. 028 Because businesses use high-quality advertising to sell.
  37. 029 Too many people think only about getting results. The ke
  38. 030 Companies benefit when they discourage employees from wo
  39. 031 Financial gain should be the most important factor in ch
  40. 032 You can tell the ideas of a nation by its advertisements
  41. 033 People are likely to accept as a leader only someone who
  42. 034 All citizens should be required to perform a specified a
  43. 035 Business relations are infected through and through with
  44. 036 Businesses and other organizations have overemphasized t
  45. 037 Since science and technology are becoming more and more
  46. 038 Courtesy is rapidly disappearing from everyday interacti
  47. 039 It is difficult for people to achieve professional succe
  48. 040 With the increasing emphasis on a global economy and int
  49. 041 The best way to preserve the natural environment is to i
  50. 042 Scientists are continually redefining the standards for
  51. 044 All companies should invest heavily in advertising becau
  52. 045 The most effective way for a businessperson to maximize
  53. 046 Businesses are as likely as are governments to establish
  54. 047 The primary responsibility for preventing environmental
  55. 048 In matching job candidates with job openings, managers m
  56. 049 Ask most older people to identify the key to success, an
  57. 050 How far should a supervisor go in criticizing the perfo
  58. 052 Successful individuals typically set their next goal som
  59. 053 The term ‘user friendly’ is usually applied to the troub
  60. 054 Popular entertainment is overly influenced by commercial
  61. 055 Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do
  62. 056 The secret of business is to know something that nobody
  63. 057 Everywhere, it seems, there are clear and positive signs
  64. 058 What is the final objective of business? It is to make t
  65. 059 Juvenile crime is a serious social problem, and business
  66. 060 Employers should have no right to obtain information abo
  67. 061 Even at its best, a government is a tremendous burden to
  68. 062 What education fails to teach us is to see the human com
  69. 063 As government bureaucracy increases, citizens become mor
  70. 064 The goal of business should not be to make as big a prof
  71. 065 The rise of multinational corporations is leading to glo
  72. 066 Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their pr
  73. 067 Work greatly influences people’s personal lives — their
  74. 068 Since the physical work environment affects employee pro
  75. 069 The most important quality in an employee is not specifi
  76. 070 So long as no laws are broken, there is nothing unethica
  77. 071 Commercialism has become too widespread. It has even cre
  78. 072 Companies should not try to improve employees’ performan
  79. 073 People often give the following advice: “Be yourself. Fo
  80. 074 The people we remember best are the ones who broke the r
  81. 075 There are essentially two forces that motivate people...
  82. 076 For a leader there is nothing more difficult, and theref
  83. 077 Although “genius” is difficult to define, one of the qua
  84. 078 Most people would agree that buildings represent a valua
  85. 079 The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a comm
  86. 080 As individuals, people save too little and borrow too mu
  87. 081 No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success
  88. 082 Business and government must do more, much more, to meet
  89. 083 We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shap
  90. 085 Advertising is the most influential and therefore the mo
  91. 086 Whether promoting a product, an event, or a person, an a
  92. 087 As technologies and the demand for certain services chan
  93. 088 Each generation must accept blame not only for the hatef
  94. 089 The study of history is largely a waste of time because
  95. 090 People often complain that products are not made to last
  96. 091 Government should establish regulations to reduce or eli
  97. 092 Employees should show loyalty to their company by fully
  98. 093 To be successful, companies should trust their workers a
  99. 094 If parents want to prepare their children to succeed in
  100. 095 Companies are never justified in employing young childre
  101. 096 In order to understand a society, we must examine the co
  102. 097 In business, more than in any other social arena, men an
  103. 098 In order to accommodate the increasing number of undergr
  104. 099 If a nation is to ensure its own economic success, it mu
  105. 100 In order to force companies to improve policies and prac
  106. 101 The automobile has caused more problems than it has solv
  107. 102 An advanced degree may help someone get a particular job
  108. 103 Most people today place too much emphasis on satisfying
  109. 104 The value of any nation should be measured more by its s
  110. 105 All archeological treasures should remain in the country
  111. 106 The most effective way for managers to assign work is to
  112. 107 People are overwhelmed by the increasing amount of infor
  113. 108 Employees should not have full access to their own perso
  114. 109 All personnel evaluations at a company should be multi-d
  115. 110 The most effective business leaders are those who mainta
  116. 111 Because of recent advancements in business and technolog
  117. 112 In most fields — including education, politics, and busi
  118. 113 It is essential that the nations of the world increase s
  119. 114 Technology ultimately separates and alienates people mor
  120. 115 All employees should help decide how the profits of thei
  121. 116 A government should provide funding for the arts, but on
  122. 117 The well-being of a society depends more on the success
  123. 118 People’s loyalty to political parties and political lead
  124. 119 It makes no sense for people with strong technological s
  125. 120 Companies should not allow the trend toward informality
  126. 121 Whether people accept or reject an idea depends more on
  127. 122 Schools should not teach specialized information and tec
  128. 123 The current trend of moving frequently from company to c
  129. 124 The most effective leaders are those who can solve compl
  130. 125 Formal education should not come to an end when people g
  131. 126 Laws pertaining to relatively minor crimes must be vigor
  132. 127 In general, a company’s most valuable employees are thos
  133. 128 Instead of relying on the advice of outside experts, org
  134. 129 When judging the qualifications of potential employees,
  135. 130 We can learn more about a society by observing how its p
  136. 131 Governments should not be responsible for regulating bus
  137. 132 In any business or other organization, it is better to h
  138. 133 Employees should not be asked to provide formal evaluati
  139. 134 Although many people object to advertisements and solici
  140. 135 In business courses, professors should teach only factua
  141. 136 In some companies, employees are allowed to express thei
  142. 137 Some people claim that in order to protect national park
  143. 138 Some people claim that the growth of mass media has stif
  144. 139 Some experts maintain that students learn best in a high
  145. “it is unrealistic to expect individual nations to make, ind
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