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03-26-2004, 05:35 PM
dear erin and friends, please read my essay and comment

I do agree that hard work plays an important role in a personís success. Work is something a person learns, experiments and gets results. Hard work is putting in more effort and succeeding in getting better results than expected. Hard work and determination and persistence are needed to succeed in life. As many people say, success is 99% hard work and 1% luck. Itís very difficult to generalize. In every success story people like to say there is both hard work and luck. I believe its more of hard work than luck.

Firstly, hard work plays a pivotal role in a success story. With out acquiring knowledge or know-how about a thing, be it business, study, work etc one cannot expect things to happen. We cannot just wait for luck to get us work, house car etc, we have to work very hard to get these things. There is no magic wand called luck or Aladdinís lamp to get everything we wish for or need. There is no substitute for hard work. For example, Bill Gates, CEO Micro Soft, had dropped out of Stan Ford to start his company. Now, he could not have done that just believing in luck. He knew or rather had an idea what he was getting into. People like to believe he was the ďRight man at the Right place at the Right timeĒ.

Secondly, it is only about lottery and gambling people can talk in terms of luck. It is difficult to explain these as work. No person who works five days a week and goes through all the difficulties associated with his work can talk about luck playing a role in his life. Sometimes people get their wishes very easily and are branded lucky. But, once they get there they cannot let luck do their job. For instance a sports man gets into a national team. Even though people know his capabilities they say he was lucky to get into the team. But once the game begins itís the sportsmanís hard work that shows on the field. He cannot depend on his luck.

To conclude it is hard work all the way that plays an important role in success. Time and again famous people have proved that hard work only pays. There is no such thing as luck. There are a lot of people who blame their luck when they fail. Only for such people luck exists.