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12-08-2008, 06:33 AM
Soon i'm going to take a TOEFL ibt exam (preparing a rope to hang my self:crazy:), and the I'm awful at writing task!!! And the score I need to get is at least 90 T . T , but the mock exam I got is 75 (still so far....). So from now on I'll have to study hard and improve my writing skill from score 10 - 20 (OMG). Comment as worse as you can.... I'm ready for all your candid words.... > . <

Why go to university

____I strongly believe that we should go to university. University provides us with essential knowledge and skills that will be useful in our future vacancy. And also it gives us a chance to study in a certain field that we are interested in. I will try to examine below the specific reasons for attending university according to which I think are the most common viewpoints in nowadays.
_____First of all reasons is that most of the students go to university just for the paper-made diploma. As we all know those paper-made diploma will ease our chance to get a high-pay job. The number of unemployed people has been booming lately. So the it is imperative to get a degree. Not only that but it also proves our ability and skillfulness in the field that we have been studying in.
_____Second of all, by going to university we will be able to enhance our knowledge in the chosen field. Take my friend for example, he learned the basic of physics in high school, and at the university he studied more professional and deeper about physics. Clearly speaking, university is giving us a deeper knowledge about the specific field we have decided to study in.
______Last but not least, the reason that is not less important than all the ones that I have mentioned above is the mean of becoming more sociable. Usually students are not from the same nationality as yours, so we will have to learn and respect the different beliefs and customs even if it totally contradicts your culture’s convention. Getting to know different culture may help you with your future job like dealing with customers from different countries.
______University gives us a lot of new and essential knowledge which will definitely helps us. A high degree, a chance to study in-depth about the subject, a chance to learn different culture and many other benefits.

02-01-2009, 01:42 AM
Give you 4 out of 6....need to work harder on your syntax.