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08-31-2002, 08:33 PM
A real Oxonian

During the Second World War a German fighter-pilot appeared over Oxford and started to machine-gun a section of the town. The plane was shot down on the instant, but the pilot managed to land safely by means of his parachute.
"He is lucky man he doesn't speak English. Otherwise, I'd tell him what i think of him." said one of the inhabitants.
"Oh, I do speak English. In fact i studied law at Oxford before the war," said the German in the perfect Oxford accent.
"What!" cried another inhabitant. "You say you studied at Oxford, and yet you had the impudence to open fire at this town!"
"What town?" asked the German.
"Oxford" was the reply.
"What!" exclaimed the German. "I thought it was Cambridge", he added and fainted.