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02-07-2009, 05:05 AM
According to the statement, each person in society not only obey just laws but also disobey and resist unjust laws. Here I strongly disagree with the author assertion, Is that author having any kind of scale which classify laws into just laws and unjust laws? Emphatically , NO. The whole contention is misleading.
Firstly, we should know that what is just laws and which one is unjust. For this we should have acknowledgement about laws, although in certain case itís easy to classify laws into just and unjust laws. But in some case we could not able to make out exactly what is just and unjust. The fairness of any law itís all depend on individual view. For example, consider the issue of Gay marriage, in some country itís trivial thing , but in certain countries it is just out of imagine thing.
Secondly, if we took example of individual person then, one certain law would have various make out accord to their personal interest. Letís have one example for this, Abortion, although itís a social crime, but in somehow certain people tend to view that itís not any unjust. If we take look on ever increasing population, then we could say, yeah. definitely it should allow. But if we look the scenario from different view then, in this ever increasing population, the majority of women population is relatively decreasing, just because of mainly girl abortion . So, itís all personal interest which justify laws into just and unjust.
Thirdly, if we are suppose to follow the just laws strictly then itís too difficult, for example, according to government itís a crime to emit toxic wastage in nearby river by certain companies. Such laws are designed chiefly to protect public health. But if we strictly complying this laws then, it might bankrupt the companies, and would lay off employees or market price of that product would increase in order to compensate the cost of compliance.So this indicate that classification of law is all depend on personal view.
Fourtly, if we disobey the so called unjust laws according to many subjective view then it might jeopardize country. For example, our federal system of income taxation, according to many taxpayer itís were a unjust law and if we admit it and would start boycotte it then, it would definitely bankrupt the government.
In sum, itís very hard to purely classify laws into just n unjust laws. So the speakerís statement is here totally questionable. Cause there is no universal criteria to judge justness of laws.