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04-16-2009, 01:22 AM
Okay, so today I went to sign up for my classes for my junior year, and as I was expecting the guidance counselor gave me more problems than I needed. (A middle schooler could do the job better)

I was planning on taking 3 science classes next year because I'm looking into a science major in college, thus taking these classes would be helpful.

But she wouldn't let me because "she didn't like it".

She thinks I should only take one, and that the chemistry honors class I signed up for isn't important because it's not a graduation requirement.

So after listening to her nag forever, I said I would just change to Psychology from Anatomy Honors (which is irritating me to no end).

Here's the list of classes I've been signed up for now:

AP Lang
AP Enviromental
Chemistry Honors
Spanish IV Honors
Algebra II

Now I could just take Anatomy Honors in Senior year, but don't colleges especially look at Junior year of school?

So, should I just go down again with my parents, and make sure I get into Anatomy Honors?

By the way, I'm hoping to get into UF in the fall of 2011.

*Just an extra little question, do colleges like it when you've increased from one or two honors classes in freshman year to a lot of AP and Honors classes? I'd figure yes, but would I have the same chance as someone else that took some more in Freshman?

Thanks, sorry I put so much http://www.urch.com/forums/images/icons/icon7.gif

08-15-2012, 05:42 PM
Yes, colleges do especially look at the Junior year because it helps to show that you have been improving over time. I am probably answering this post too late, but I think that either taking Psychology or Anatomy Honors would be a good idea. Taking Psychology would help you to take a larger variety of classes so that you can learn more, while taking Anatomy Honors would give you a good head start for when you take classes in college.

It is good to be aware of your own abilities when choosing to take AP and honors classes because colleges not only look to see if you have been challenging yourself, but they also like to see that you have been excelling in your classes even if you took a harder class.