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07-18-2010, 06:54 PM
Hi all,

Here is the essay i wrote:

Do we learn the most from people whose views we share?
The question posed is: do we learn most from the people who share the same views as ours or from the ones who contradict our views. Since the relative context in which the above line is not specified it may have different level of importance in different situation. What i want to state here is basically we learn more from the people with whom our idea contradicts but there may be some situations the views of the ones which match help us in bolstering our confidence.
As apparent in our many day-to-day activities we encounter some circumstances where some people agree and some not. On our way out to convince the latter section we learn many new things and also tend to invade into many unexplored learning areas. Thus this symbiosis actually helps us to home our skills in that area. Constructive criticism helps us in reaching a long way. For example: In workplace we seldom find people whose idea of doing a particular task are exactly same as that of ours. But through brainstorming different ways by which a problem can be solved we actually find the most accurate and time saving method.
Admittedly, under some circumstances the situation is entirely different. Let us take the example of TV shows where members of opposing parties are asked to debate on a bill/incident. It starts with the facts narration, blaming callous attitude of some officers, but gradually ends up being a ring for accusing each other and rhetorical bouts. Hence learning is impeded.
In many of the cases where the views of two parties are same a mutual understanding can be sorted out so that both parties reach consensus. For example in a country there sometimes arises a situation where states decry over electricity produced etc. In such case, bilateral talks help in sorting a feasible way out.
To wrap it up. Unless the two opponents in a debate are each willing to play on the same field and by the same rules, I concede that disagreement can impede learning. Otherwise, reasoned discourse and debate between people with opposing viewpoints is the very foundation upon which human knowledge advances. Accordingly, on balance the speaker is fundamentally correct.

Please suggest/comment on improvement..Thanks in advance!:D