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09-16-2010, 07:30 PM
"It is dangerous to trust only intelligence."

Intelligence is the inherent thing of us what makes us human being. We are the best among all living species because we possess this delicate thing greatly. But alone dependence upon intelligence can convoke negative effects as well. There are some other factors that are also complementary of getting success and it is really dangerous to trust only intelligence.

Turing to the first point, only possessing intelligence can not make our things done. As human being we achieve some other qualities that are equally essential for us. For example, think about building a house. We may know what are the equipments we require to build it, it’s plan, but still we can not build it. If we only depend upon our intelligence and try to build it then the whole thing will be a nonsense work. To build a house it requires some expertise. Dedicated engineers can come up with a robust plan but at the end of the day it will be the house builder who will physically effort here. Without this physical effort it’s impossible to build it. So, we can see just intelligence can not guarantee the job done, it requires some other quality, the industriousness of the labor to finish it.

Think the example of two students appearing in an exam. Suppose these two students A and B of a class. Everyone know student A as a very intelligent student and student B as a not so good student. In an upcoming exam if student A does not prepare at all and student B study diligently, does cover all the syllabus, then the inherent brightness, intelligence of student A will be totally fruitless. Anyone will bate in this case that student B will do good in the exam. So, we can vividly see it’s not just intelligence that can bring success, it’s the effort that can compensate the lack of intelligence and can be the key to success.

If we do not completely trust our intelligence then this will be a ‘sin’, as this is the thing that’s why we human are here, at the pinnacle of civilization. Lot’s of animals in this world who are more industrious, possess greater dedication comparatively human. But we the human have surpassed them in terms of intelligence and we have got the dignity to sit on the top of all. So it’s obvious that trust on intelligence is necessary, but the point is this trust should not be too much or only. Trusting only intelligence makes us conceited, over confidant. We falsely misinterpret our ability. If we get the opportunities to trust some other qualities of human being then trust can not be only responsible for this.

Summing up all the point we can conclude that believing and trusting only on intelligence can be dangerous. If we depend on intelligence as well as the motivation, industriousness then coupling all of these can bring us great success.