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09-19-2010, 10:41 AM
“It is often necessary, even desirable, for political leaders to withhold info from public ”
We live in a society where every individual has some rights. One such important right is the “Right to information”. And since our governments are run by politicians, it is our right to know everything information. And thus I do not agree in toto with speaker that it is necessary that politicians should withhold the information from the public. I would like to cite several examples and reasons to substantiate my position.
Firstly, hiding of the information leads to lack of transparency. Every citizen of the country should be enlightened with the things happening in and around the government. For example, consider the common wealth games. This event is being conducted in India this year with is being managed and organized by the politicians. But many Indians do not know how the games are being managed, or how budget in allotted to different events and etc. Moreover, by depriving individuals of the basic general information politicians are robbing individuals of the information on which the current things are based on.
Secondly, withholding of the information leads to corruption. Our governments are run by politicians and one of their rudimentary function is to edify people of the occurrences in the current regiment. Concealing information from the public is a incentive which spurs the thought of corruption. For example, government has a lot of projects to do and many a times they delegate the work to private companies. In such cases, if information about the deal is withheld, a company can win a tender, even if its bid is lesser than others, with the help of corruption. And obviously, politicians will indulge in it for a simple reason that there is no way they can be caught, because all the information is withheld.
However, some situations arise when information has to be withheld. For example, if delicate information pertaining to sensitive issues like religion, caste and etc are revealed it could create a tumult in the country which could be detrimental to the country. But, that doesn’t mean the information should be hidden. It could be dealt carefully and delicately by revealing information which is necessary and concealing the information which could cause harm.
In conclusion, I believe that as a citizen I should know the occurrence of events in the government and it’s the responsibility of the politicians to edify the people of the country. By doing so, not only will be the people informed about their country but it would also help maintain transparency and in turn extermination of corruption.