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10-28-2010, 02:15 PM
I am thinking in get a LOR frome the Secretary of Treasury of my (LAC) country instead of an academic letter. He has done lots of research and has 4 publications in international journals (although not well known). I worked for him two years ago as RA. This LOR would replace a LOR from a teacher for whom I worked as TA in advanced microeconomics (PhD level). Two last things guys:
1. Am I shooting too high?
2. Can you recommend me more universities (I am really interested in Health Economics)?

Type of Undergrad: B.A. in Economics in a LAC country (best private university).
Undergrad GPA: 80%
Type of Grad: M.A. in Economics
Grad GPA: 82%
GRE: 780Q, 480V, 3.5AWA
Math Courses: Linear Algebra (70%) Calculus I (78%) Calculus II (80%) Calculus III (90%) Mathematical Economics(90%)
Econ Courses (masters-level): Advanced Micro, Advanced Macro, Advanced Econometrics (All 90%)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level):The usual courses
Other Courses: Hegel, Foucault, Java programming
Letters of Recommendation: 2 econ profs, 1 econ ( thesis supervisor)
Research Experience: I worked for a think tank as R.A (2.5 years)
Teaching Experience: T.A: Advanced Microeconomics (2 years), Advanced Macroeconomics (1 semester), Monetary Theory and Policy (1 year) and History of Economics Analysis (1 semester
Research Interests: Health Economics and Applied Microeconomics
SOP: Rewriting from last year
Concerns: Not as much math as many, LOR are not from international well known economists. Low GRE quant.
Other: 5 publications in local journals. Master thesis accepted with the highest distinction (Top 5 of 2009 thesis). Third best score of the country on the ECAES test on economics (State´s undergraduate of Knowledge of Economics).
Applying to: PhD Economics: UBC, Upenn, Minessota, Wisconsin, BU, Columbia, UCLA, Maryland, Georgetown, U Texas - Austin, LSE, UPF, UCL, Penn State, Michigan.
PhD Health Policy: Harvard and Berkeley (Health Services & Policy Analysis)
PhD Public Policy: NYU, Michigan.

10-28-2010, 06:42 PM
If you could explain how those percentages place you in terms of your class, that would better help people here evaluate you.

10-28-2010, 08:03 PM
If you could explain how those percentages place you in terms of your class, that would better help people here evaluate you.

I am in the highest quintile. I had a low gpa in the first semesters. When I became more interested in economics my gpa began to increase. I got the highest score in Advanced Microeconomics (among more than 40 students), Mathematical Economics and ranked in the top 3% in Advanced Econometrics and Macroeconomics. Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that I had a poor performance in Linear Algebra and Calculus 1.