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11-06-2010, 10:36 PM
Type of Undergrad: BA from flagship state school with top-ten grad program (only in Environmental, the rest isnt even top 50)
Undergrad GPA: 4.02/4.4 overall...4.2/4.4 Econ....4.0/4.4 Math
Type of Grad: NA
Grad GPA: NA
GRE: Yet to take.... expecting ~750Q/600V (thats what my practice tests have been)
Math Courses: Statistics (A+), Calc I (A), Calc II (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Mathematical Economics (A)
Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro (A) Mathmatical Econ (A) Development Econ (A)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Micro I and II (As) Macro I and II (As) Econometrics I and II (A+ and A) Environmental (A) Latin American Econ (A+) Econ Policy (A) International Finance (A)
Other Courses:
Letters of Recommendation: 1. Thesis Advisor with Phd from UT-Austin. Very enthusiatic letter. Also took grad course with him. 2. Int'l Finance Prof. Phd from Brown. 3. Grad Micro Prof. Phd from Colorado School of Mines. All know me pretty well, especially 1 and 2.
Research Experience: RA for 1 year cleaning big data set. Also working for Economic Research Institute as a survey tech.
Teaching Experience: Academic Advisor for 2 years, not sure if that counts.
Research Interests: Poverty, Development, Applied Micro
SOP: Standard. Should be decent.
Concerns: Lack of Math (no RA, Calc 3) Potentially low GRE (im shooting for 800Q, but who knows...these Kaplan CATs might be sandbagging my score)
Other: Also worked as the Director of a Non-Profit in Latin America for 1.5 years
Applying to: UBC (MA), LSE (Econ and LED), TSE (M2), Vanderbilt (GPED), Tufts (MS), USF (MA), Tinbergen Institute (Phd), Oxford (MA in development).
MAYBE's: Berkeley ARE, BostonU, UC Davis ARE

Im trying to be as realistic as possible and want to know my chances for these schools. I want to get my masters to work for a year or two and then get my Phd. Also, I would greatly appreciate anyone who knows details about:

-LSE's Local Economic Development program
-UBC masters placements
-Vandys GPED
-The quality of USFs masters program

I REALLY appreciate ANY feedback here!

11-07-2010, 07:26 PM
The way I see it you dont even need to go to a masters program, I would stick around at your current university and just take a couple more math classes and get to know your profs even better so they can write you really good letters. You profile is really pretty good and with a couple more math classes might be top 20 material. Further, I dont see a masters adding much value to your profile given its current state, however, real analysis and some stats course would make your profile very good

That being said if you still want to get a masters you have a great shot, I go into UBC with partial funding and UPF with a much worse profile then yours (more math but less presitgous undergrad). I would focus just on good masters programs (like LSE, UBC, Toronto, UPF, Oxbridge, maybe even Duke) and not apply to places like GPED and USF unless you want to go there because they are flexiable programs that will allow you to take math (which you really need). If you are interested in Davis ARE PhD you may want to consider there masters program, I actually went through it last year and i am know in there PhD program (pm if you have any questions about davis). That all being said, I really think that a masters would be a waste of time if you want to get into a PhD, especially since you got grad econ work under your belt, it would be alot cheaper and would add more value for you to just stick around you current places for a semester or two and apply after, because again masters course work will do little for you when compared with real anaylsis (also not that real analysis is pretty much just a signal, since in my experience it is really not that important to PhD Micro).

Good Luck!