View Full Version : do schools expect you to come up with research approches in your SOP?

11-21-2010, 12:42 AM
Hi. I am trying to finalize my SOP. I realize that I have several interesting research topics I want to study about. However, for some of these, I only have the questions, but I am not sure how to approach them (i.e. what data to use, what IV to use).

So my question is do the schools expect you to also write out have novel ideas at this point for the questions you have? Or is it enough to pose the questions to show seriousness.

For example, if I write something like the following, will it sound to shallow as I dont describe the approach I will use (I dont have the approach, or else I will be writing and publishing that paper now)

Another area I want to delve into is to find empirical evidence for %%% that is compatible with A and B's (200%) model (note to TMer: this is model is new and quite influential and revolutionary). Several works of literature have used $$$ to show that %%%% (cite works). However, based on A and B's model, $$$ is endogenous with %%%. This biases the previous findings obtained through cross-sectional comparison of %%% based on differences in $$$. Therefore, I am interested in investigating novel approaches to measure........

11-21-2010, 02:04 PM
I don't think you need research approach in your SOP. Unless your project is well-developed and has been extensively presented/discussed, there is a non-negligible risk in my opinion. I think explaining why you find these problems exciting is enough.

Again, I'm not a SOP expert.