View Full Version : Having LORs comment on courses in progress

11-25-2010, 04:12 PM
My math profs (real analysis I, multivariate calc) have graciously agreed to confirm to one of my letter-writers that I'm on track for decent grades in their courses, and said letter-writer has graciously agreed to include that information in his LOR.

I think this might be a helpful strategy for other applicants taking critical courses this term - get your profs from those courses to email your LOR writers with how you're doing so far and whatever they can say about your projected performance. That way adcoms don't have to wait around until January to have some dim idea of whether some class, be it calc III or grad micro, is really your academic ceiling. Past posters have asked whether it's a good idea to put information like this in their SOP, in the form of their midterm grades, for example. IMHO it will be much more credible if you can get your profs/recommenders to work it out amongst themselves, which shouldn't be hard to do if they support your academic goals.