View Full Version : Change or not to change?

11-28-2010, 05:53 PM
I have a difficult decision to make, maybe someone was in a similar situation and can give a good advice.

I am in a combined Master/PhD program (Europe) in a close to top100 school. I do pretty well, maybe I am not the best in my year, but close. I think about applying to a different school (in the top 100) to finish my PhD, actually I know this two schools because I spent some time during my undergrad in both.
In order to change I need letters of recommendations. I am not sure if it is a good idea to ask Professors at my current school. First, I have finance at my school, but the financial situation of the University is not the best. So I am afraid that I will lose my finance, maybe not in this year, but if no of the other two schools accepts me, and I have to stay. Second, the acceptance for the second part of the program (actual research) might be more difficult if my schools finds out about my wish to change.

Any ideas how I could ask for confidential LORs?
Is it better to stay in my current school, although I am not completely satisfied. There are some very good Professors, but my field of interest is somewhat under-represented.
Is it worth speaking to the other two schools first, explaining my situation, hoping for feedback if my application could be successful? And than ask for LORs?

Thank you very much