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02-13-2011, 07:57 AM
What do you guys think about Kansas University? do you think they have decent Econometrics and Monetary Economics fields? I saw in the Field Rankings at IDEAS that Kansas University ranks 47 just below MIT that ranks 37 in the Econometrics field. I know Kansas University is not a top program, however right now I am aiming at second or third tier schools, so I think Kansas University could be a good choice.

Kansas University actually ranks better in the Econometrics field than Georgetown University or George Washington University. I have the following question though: do you think I would really be better off pursuing my PhD in Economics at Kansas University just because it is better ranked in the Econometrics field than Georgetown University (GU) or George Washington University (GWU)? or, since Kansas University is a second or third tier program located at the middle of the USA, wouldn't it be a better choice for me to pursue my PhD in Economics at GU or GWU which are located in the Washington DC area that is where I ultimately would like to work after completing the PhD eventhough Kansas University is better ranked in Econometrics than GU and GWU? Because I mean, Kansas University is better ranked at Econometrics than GU and GWU yes this is true, but GU and GWU are located in Washington DC, and the amount of human and professional connections that one can make living in Washington DC for 5 years should be greater than if you live those 5 years in a small town like Lawrence, Kansas which is located at the middle of the country...

About Michigan State University (MSU), this is a very good option since as you mention MSU is a strong program in Econometrics, however, I think it will be harder for me to gain admission at MSU, and right now what I want is to gain admission to a PhD in Economics as soon as possible (asap). Can you recommend other phd programs that are a good fit with what i am looking for?

02-13-2011, 08:03 AM
The issue is that i want to complete a phd in economics to work in government and international agencies, but i don't want to become an academic researcher... i would also like to teach a course in economics (econometrics and/or monetary economics) from one time to another but only as an adjunct professor (not full-time faculty). So, given my goal, i think i don't need to enter a tier 1 program (1-29), i think tier 2 (30-50) would be more than enough to reach my goal if i work hard and do well in the phd in economics there. As of tier 3 (51-100), i also think it would be ok for me given my goal, however, i believe it will be easier for me to obtain government-related jobs if i go to a tier 2 program. Of course going to tier 1 would be much better, however i believe tier 1 is out of my reach, and also i believe that going to tier 1 will make me work harder unnecessarily given that i DO NOT want to become a research economist (i.e. to be publishing in Econometrica, Journal of Econometrics, etc.). However, in any tier that i get into, i would like to obtain a strong preparation in Econometrics and Monetary Economics, and if possible to publish some papers in some of the top journals.

This is the reason that since the begining of this thread i said that may be for me it was ok to pursue my phd in economics at Georgetown University (GU), George Washington University (GWU) or American University (AU), given my above goal and since i would like to work in the Washington DC area after completing my phd studies.

Would appreciate all your feedback guys! Thank you!