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09-02-2011, 10:45 AM
In any country national curriculums are designed by a group of experienced educationists under the guidance of Ministry of Education. The main idea of any national curriculum is to impart the best education which can groom students a better individual who can serve his/her country better.

By mandating the same national curriculum to all students in a nation, we are definitely trying to induce the same nationality spirit in the youngsters.
There are significant advantages in implementing this idea, as a student's merit can always be gauged with respect to the whole country. Always a student will be well aware of where does he stand in a nation as a whole. The objectives and mindsets of all students will be same and hence the goal will be one. So as a whole with same mindset and goal, they can serve the nation better. Even though advantages can be seen clearly, I could also see difficulties of how to execute it in a country like India. India apart from being the second most populous country in the world, it is also famous for having diversified culture, religion and language. In those circumstances, designing a standardised national level curriculum itself will be a big challenge, as different people speak different languages and culture varies from region to region. Also to enforce the same national curriculum across the country, Government should first attempt to bear most of the education cost for all nationalised schools which are maintaining national curriculum. If Education in a nationalised school could be made free of cost for a student from below average income, then it will open the door for many poor children, for whom right now it is rather a dream to take admission in a nationalised school because of the high education fees. Best teachers should be employed by the Government with more attractive remuneration packages because teachers are always key factor for the success of any educational institution. The number of nationalised schools should be increased than the present numbers, so that each child from any corner of India will have access to it and last but not the least, English should be considered as the first language, as English is global accepted language and a person good English has always great advantage.

We have seen the advantage of having national curriculum in country like Singapore, where Ministry of Education play a major role in designing a standardised national curriculum which is as par any developed country which are taught in all local schools. Singapore local schools are the one amongst the best in world. Government invests a huge sum of money towards education. With an affordable education fees all Singaporeans never give a second thought to join anywhere than joining a local school. The advantage can be seen very clearly that students from Singapore local schools are one amongst the brightest students in the world. They are the most disciplined and structured and surely, they have greater national feelings and obligation to work for the betterment of the Singapore Government, because Of Government endless support for their grooming by providing the best education.
So at the end, I would like to say that if all students in a country study the same national curriculum during their early stage, they definitely grow into an individual who aim to serve the country better and to have that Government has to play a major role and should invest more money towards Education to build up a strong young generation with great national feeling for better future of the country.