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10-11-2004, 05:26 AM
Hello everybody first i would like to say that this forum is awesome , the best i`ve ever found after 3-4 hours of surfing in internet :] Thanx Erin !!! Its good to have such people who help and try to make a world a table where we can all sit and talk on the same language :] Well as a newbie i want to know how can i register for TOEFL exam and SAT exam , couse i`ve heard that i`ve got to dial a number in Holland ?! And then apply for TOEFL exam , i also want to know because of misunderstanding i suppose what is the difference between SAT 2 and GMAT ? Does SAT 2 Include GMAT? I know its kind of dull questions i ask but hope someone will help me in finding the right answers .
Ok that is from me
Greets from Bulgaria and keep fighting the good fight !
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10-13-2004, 11:28 PM
Whew, there's a huge difference between the SAT II and GMAT. For one, the GMAT is a lot harder.

You can check out the respective websites to see some sample questions. :)

For your other questions--could you post them as individual questions in the forums for those tests? I'm guessing you'll get better responses that way. ;)