View Full Version : Profile Evaluation for 2013... PLZ HELP ! (At a loss)

10-30-2012, 07:18 AM
This is my first posting; first, thank you in advance.
I am not sure what my chances are in applying for Ph.D. programs in the States.
I would very much appreciate any advice you are willing to give me. :)

Type of Undergrad: School in East Asia, one of the top 3 in the country (world ranking is about 100-150), econ major
Undergrad GPA: 3.79 / 4.3 (everything else is similar to the US scale (A-F), with plus and minus, except that we have A+ which is 4.3)

Grad: Masters in econ (it's my last semester - am writing my thesis right now); a school in East Asia, same country as undergrad but top 1 in the country (world ranking about 50-100).
Grad GPA: 3.82 / 4,3

GRE: (old version) V 750, Q 800, AW 4.5

Math Courses: (undergrad) Mathematics for Economics 1, Intro to Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Mathematical Statistics, Probability
(graduate) Studies in Statistics for Economists

Econ Courses: (undergrad) Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Political Economics, Micro, Macro, Intro to Economic History, Money and Banking, Survey Int'l Econ, Environmental and Resource Econ, Econometrics 1, Econometrics 2, Game theory and applications, Economic Dynamics
(graduate) Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Int'l Trade, Int'l Monetary Economics, Corporate Organization and Economic Systems

Letters of Recommendation: Three econ professors; two from my graduate classes, one is my advising prof. and he is supervising my thesis (will submit my thesis as my writing sample)
Research Experience: RA for one year at school, 2 months at a research institution but no publications
Teaching Experience: TA for one year (for undergrad macro)
Research Interests: Macro, Int'l Econ (more empirical than theory)

Applying to: Northwestern (OR Columbia), U of Minn - Twin cities, U of Michigan, U of Wisconsin - Madison, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, U of Rochester, BU, WUSTL, BC, ASU

I am very, very worried about my GPA since it is not high (as you can easily see).
What are my chances? What is your opinion on my list of schools? Also, are there any other schools that are strong in (empirical) macro or int'l econ that I should consider?

Thank you in advance; and sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes! ;)