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11-08-2012, 03:47 AM
Type of Undergrad: International (Unknown)
Undergrad GPA: 3.4 (Among top 10% of the class)
Type of Grad: Unranked US School
Grad GPA: 3.9
GRE: Q:740, (retaking this month)
Math Courses: Calculus-II (A-), Calculus-III (B+), Intro. Statistics (B+), Linear Alg. (A), Mathematical Analysis-I (B+), Mathematical Analysis-II (A-), Optimization (A), Grad. Mathematical Statistics (A-), Numerical Analysis (spring 2013)
Econ Courses: Mathematical Econ (A), Econometrics (B+), Macro (A-), Micro (A-), International trade, finance, game theory, monetary (all Grad + all A).
Other Courses: Java Programming (spring 2013)
Letters of Recommendation: 1 JHU, 1 Iowa, 1 UCSD, 1 Columbia.
Research Experience: Nothing remarkable
Teaching Experience: Plenty. Teaching in Asia, teaching undergraduate macro in US Uni with unranked PhD program- (3- semesters), tutor for calculus and statistics.
Research Interests: International, Political, Monetary

Applying: Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Washington, Georgetown, Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers, UIUC, CMU, Boston, JHU, Cornell, Penn state, Syracuse, UC-Irvine, Virginia, UCSC, Purdue, SUNY Albany.

Kindly help me shortlist max. 10 out of the list above. Or recommend dat have higher probability of accepting me.