View Full Version : need help on verbal preparation

10-15-2002, 10:39 AM

i need advice from you guys ....
my exam is on 12th nov and D days is nearing very fast ....
i am facing lots of problems on verbal ... i have read almost all word list.
while doing this i arranged all the words in different groups depending upon
meaning say ABUSE , SILLY , FIGHT/VOILENT etc etc ...
so that way i have made around 35-40 groups .. and this way i have covered almost 38-40 lists from barrons ..
i am reading these lists regurarly ( not really but i try to keep my schedule ;) ) ...
but even then i find myself forgetting the words and especially while working on antonyms and analogies i always go wrong ..
this is getting very very frustating to me .. i also tried flash cards and i have made cards for all the high frequency
words but due to time contraint ( i am working as a software engineer -- almost 10-11 hrs job :( ) i never have any
free time as such ... so on this background can u suggest me any different methodology i should adopt to increase
my rentention capacity .. i still have 3 weeks to go and i m ready to change my tactic if necessary ...
kindly reply asap ...

10-28-2002, 07:38 PM
Hello Shrini,

One thing that helped me improve my vocab was a game in the Kaplan CD. Its called the "Vocabulary Builder" and u need to match the definition provided at the bottom to a correct word at the top. The catch is , u'll 4 minutes to do 50 words.