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11-09-2012, 08:01 PM

I will be applying for masters in economics for Fall- 2014. I graduated in computer science this year and am presently working Royal Bank of Scotland as an Analyst. I have searched a lot about masters program in economics across the globe - LSE, Yale, TSE, Tilburg, Oxford, Cambridge. I have searched urch forums as well but still there are few doubts. I would be grateful if one could share his/her thoughts.

My questions mainly concentrate on LSE as their pre-requisites are comparatively favourable for a student from engineering background.

1. How is job scenario / placements in LSE after E.U crises for outside- europe students ? With new visa restrictions, do students from outside europe easily fetch jobs ?

3. After going through forums here, I found that most of students get jobs in investment banks , economic consultancies, government institutions etc. I am primarily interested in working in government institutions. So , do students from outside europe face difficulties in getting such jobs ?

4. What are chances of funding in MSc program in LSE ( 2 Yr Econ) ? Do students get TA / RA in their 2nd year ?

I would be grateful if one could share his/her thoughts.

Thanks !