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06-28-2013, 12:07 AM
Hi… So I have a lot of resources for sale. I achieved a score of 110 on NAPLEX & 83 on CPJE. comprehensive pharmacy review practice exam & cases ( VERY VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND… it’s just like NAPLEX test), prontopass (EXCELLENT MATHS cards like a pot of GOLD... I got almost 60 questions of Maths in my NAPLEX test and were a piece of cake because of prontopass. Also, THE QUICKCARDS WOW) AND I highly recommend Rxprep (the one I’m selling is an old edition).
Also, pharmacy charts is excellent if you like to study in table forms and it has clinical pearls section which summarizes very important info. Pharmacy charts comes with OTC pamphlet. Pharmacy Charts is excellent source for both NAPLEX and CPJE.

Pharmacy Charts April 2013 $129.99 (LIKE NEW)

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review (Practice Exams, Cases & test prep) 8th edition 2013 $82.99 (LIKE NEW)

Apha 9th Edition (Nov 2011) $22.99 ( About 3 or 4 chapters out of 41 are heavily marked. Other than that, it is LIKE NEW)

Pharprep ASHp’s Naplex review 4th edition 2011 $ 35.99 (LIKE NEW)

Rxprep 2011 edition $39.99 (HEAVILY USED, book is intact & laminated. Corner of cover is torn)

Prontopass 2011 full set $99.99 {ALL POSTERS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION (HIV POSTER WAS TORN IN HALF AND TAPED- that’s how I bought it.) … Minor notes.} Includes 28 POSTERS, 1060 pages of cards & 274 pages of Maths practice question cards + CD of drug pronunciation. I bought in 2012 a couple of posters to add to the set.

Weissman 7th edition updated for CPJE with 2011 & 2012 supplement updates $ 44.99 (HEAVILY USED, book is intact)

I have prontopass federal law+ 2 states MPJE ( CA+ FLORIDA)… Those are not for sale but I am looking for exchanging anyone of the two states I have for the Washington State MPJE posters.

I accept PAYPAL only. All prices include shipping. I guarantee I put the lowest prices you'll ever find. If you find lower prices, send me the link and then it is negotiable. Other than that prices are firm. Ask questions before purchasing. I can send pictures before sale to prevent confusion. I give 7 days money back if you find items not as described, Buyer pays return shipping.

Good luck in your tests.