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10-21-2014, 08:53 PM
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice on what universities I might have a chance at getting into. I'd really appreciate all the help you can give me.

Regarding the math courses, I started out majoring in business and took two math courses (Math A and Math B) but then I switched to economics. Math A is pretty much the same as Math I except that Math I is more detailed and a bit more difficult.

Type of Undergrad: BS in Economics at the University of Iceland (public research university T251-275)
Undergrad GPA: 7.8/10.0
Type of Grad: N/A
Grad GPA: N/A
GRE: 162Q 158V 5.0AWA
Math Courses: Mathematics A (single and multivariable calculus with some linear algebra (8.9)), Mathematics B (some real analysis, differential equations, and some linear algebra (8.5)), Mathematics I (single and multivariable calculus (7.7)), Mathematics II (comparative statics, optimization, and differential equations (8.0)), Mathematics III (dynamic optimisation (8.2)), Linear Algebra (7.1), Probability and Statistics (7.8).
Econ Courses (grad-level): Applied Econometrics (8.3), Environmental Economics (8.0)
Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Macroeconomics I (7.5), Macroeconomics II and III (8.0), Microeconomics I (7.6), Microeconomics II (7.9), Microeconomics III (8.3), Topics in Microeconomics (mostly game theory (8.3)), Econometrics I (7.2), Econometrics II (7.7), Econometrics III (8.0) Financial Economics (7.8), International Economics (7.3), Public Finance (7.6), Survey of the Icelandic Economy (7.0), Natural Resources and Fisheries Economics (8.4), History of Economic Thought (7.7), Thesis (8.5).
Other Courses: Finance I (8.5), Intro to Financial Accounting (8.3), Financial Accounting (8.5), Portfolio Management (8.3), Intro to Marketing (7.0).
Letters of Recommendation: 1) Professor at my university: He was my thesis advisor, specializes in macroeconomics, Ivy League graduate, fairly well published.
2) Professor at my university: He taught me on three occasions. Fairly well published but has some well known libertarian tendencies that some critique.
3) Professor at my university: We mostly know each other through a society we both belong to. He is educated at a good university in the UK and has been a visiting professor at various respectable universities, e.g. Stanford. He is a well known for his political views (libertarianism) and is a political scientist, not an economist.
Research Experience: Thesis on monetary policy.
Teaching Experience: Tutoring in economics.
Research Interests: Monetary Economics and Econometrics
SOP: Focus on my research experience so far, as well as focusing on potential research interests.
Concerns: Not coming from a top university, not having enough math.
Applying to: Not sure, really need some help here.