View Full Version : Economics PhD profile Evaluation for Fall 2015

10-23-2014, 07:12 PM
I am a Bangladeshi student willing to apply for PhD in economics. I am currently studying in my final semester of Economics Ugrad in the University of Dhaka. Here's my brief profile

GRE V 153 Q 161 AWA 4
TOEFL 107 R 27 L 26 S 24 W 30
CGPA(till 2nd last semester):3.69 (Awaiting final semester results)

Grades in specific courses: Principles of Micro and Macro :GPA 4
Intermediate micro and macro I and II : GPA 4
Advanced Micro and Macro I and II : GPA 3.5
Statistics I and II : GPA 4
Linerar Algebra and Calculus : CPA 4
Optimization Techiniques : GPA 3.75
Real Analysis : GPA 3
Dynamic Optimization: GPA 3.5
Statistics III: GPA 3.5
Econometrics I and II : GPA 3.5
Cross Section Data: GPA 3.5
Health Economics : GPA 4
Class percentile: Top 10%
These are some of the relevant courses that I took and results.

Please suggest me some suitable universities based on my profile where I can expect full funding.