View Full Version : Retake real analysis I or not?

10-27-2014, 01:10 PM
I'm now a master student in a US top 40 school and aiming to apply to PHD programs after graduate. In our school, graduate student can only choose graduate level course. For this reason, I registed the Real Analysis I this term. But as it's designed for math PHD with Folland's book, I didn't do well and dropped it with a grade "W". I'm thinking of retake it in the next semester but afraid of to get a grade not better than "B". Here are my undergraduate maths grades( in a top Chinese university): calculus(A,A-,A), linear algebra(A-,B), probability and statistics(A), mathematical analysis(B,A-,B, bad, Rudin's level), ordinary differential equations(A), abstract algebra(A-), numerical analysis(A-), real analysis(C, really bad, Royden's level). I really want to take it to eliminate the bad effect of the grades in undergrade but it's so difficult to get an A competing to the PHDs( my school has a top 20 phd program in pure mathematics). What shouled I do? Should I just leave it as a "W" and choose some statistics course instead? I'm thinking about choosing Multivariable Statistics and Simulation, I'm much more confident to get As in these courses but I wonder they will be useful during the application. Anyone can give a suggestion? Thank you in advance~

10-27-2014, 01:16 PM
If you already have four courses in real analysis, and nine courses in analysis broadly construed, you should stop taking them. You're not likely to get a significantly better signal nor any value added from an even more advanced (more irrelevant) analysis course regardless how much more effort you plan to put in ex ante. Statistics sounds good; a research-methods or research seminar class in economics would be even better.

10-27-2014, 02:47 PM
Thanks for your advise. I just worry about the “W” on the transcripts,but maybe there's no difference to get another “B”.