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11-12-2014, 01:54 PM
Hi, fellow forum members!
I am an international college student and trying to apply to U.S. PhD in Economics. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some feedback on my profile. Thank you very much in advance !! :)

Program Applying to: Econ PhD
GRE Scores: V640, Q800 (161,166)
Undegrad degree / GPA: B.A Econ/Math / 3.8, T20 U.S. private
Courses taken:
---Econ: Principle of Micro/Macro (B-,A-), Intermediate Micro/Macro (A-,B+), Intro to stat (A-), Empirical Methods (A), Intro Global trade&Fin (A), Experimental Econ (A), Managerial Econ (A), Econ Forecasting (A-), Mathematical Econ (A), International Finance (A), Honors Research (A)
---Math: Intro Prob &Stat (A), Game theory,Graphs&Math models (A), Calc 1,2 (A,A), Multivariable Calc (B+), Differential Equations (A), Linear Algebra (A), Foundations of Mathematics (A), Probability and Statistics (A)

Work Experience: Internship at an investment company
Teaching Experience: 1 semester TA in college, 2 years of teaching international high school students in a private institution(Econ/Math)
Research Experience: RA internship at a top-tier consulting firm
letter of recommendation: 2 Econ professors, 1 Math professor. (2 of them were in my honors committee and know me well. Besides my explanation in SOP, they will explain about my honors status. The last one could be a little mediocre.)
Research Interests: International (Macro)-Finance, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics
Statement of Purpose : Working my a** off on this one. Since I lack other outstanding qualifications, I think this is only I have in order to appeal to adcom.
Schools Considering to Apply to: (According to US News ranking) About 15 schools in T20-70-----------------------------------------
LBS, Cornell, Duke, /// Maryland, Boston Univ, Ohio State, Washington Univ St.louis, virginia, UNC-CH, Pittsburgh, Washington(Seattle), Indiana-Bloomington, USC(Southern California), Notre dame, George Washington, /// U of Georgia, Georgia state.

My concerns
1. Lack of academic research experience - I could see from previous posts on this forum that research experience is not "necessary" but I'm still worried.
2. I Have been leaving my college for couples of years due to personal issues. I worked and have been working in fields that are nothing to do with Finance but this was the time that I could finally decide to commit myself to this career. (I unfortunately lost my honors status during my leave of absence.)
3. Relatively Mediocre LORs. - I am worried about professors memory about me. I visited America last month and tried my best to update them about my recent history. Hope it worked.

Questions (I know that there is no definite answer)
1. Am I shooting for the "right" range for me? Would it be ok if I lift up the boundaries of schools on my list? I think it is natural to have concerns about the ranking of the schools once narrowing down the list with regard to research fit. From the start, I didn't even look up information about T20 schools but I could finally figure out that LBS and Cornell have really favorable condition regarding my research interest. Since I wanted to matriculate next year, I tried to apply to lower ranked schools. So I just want to know about my approximate highest ceiling and whether LBS and Cornell would be too long shots to even waste of my valuable application spots.
2. Any suggestion for my current profile? I can see myself having problems with language skill, relative course works and etc. (I took several econ courses on Coursera. It is too bad that there are not enough advanced math courses such as real analysis.)
3. It is kind of related to Q1. Do you know any other good schools named for International Finance, Monetary Economics or Macro that would fit in my range? My methodology was to check every school's website that seems to fit in my range about faculty researches. I am looking for street rumors or general reputation about schools. I'm also opened to European schools.(One of econ professors enlightened me about advantages of British schools when it comes to "International Finance") :)

Thank you in advance and I wish you all have good luck with your application process!!! :):):)

11-17-2014, 04:14 AM
I know that patience is a virtue... but anyone? :)