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02-20-2015, 01:37 AM
I'm a second year European undergrad and have been offered an opportunity to spend the fall semester at TSE.

If I were to accept the offer, I'd like to use the possibility to hear some Master's level courses before applying to graduate school/Master's degrees.
Since I have a quite large cushion of credit points, I'd want to try and benefit from the semester abroad thing and have atleast some time to explore whilst maintaining or improving my GPA.

In order to do this, I was planning to take somewhere between two and four M1 courses, depending on how many credits they each give to arive at a total of about 15 credits or so.

However, if I actually want to work on my GPA, I'd have to score 16 or better in these courses.
Is this is any kind of way feasible for someone who doesn't have the full courseload of the M1?

Having read around a bit, it seems that TSE's grading is notoriously harsh. On the other hand, what I saw in some of the past years exams didn't look too intimidating. But of course, I don't know how strictly those exams were graded... Atleast they didn't look like they were trying to screw you over.

Are there any TSE insiders who could give advice on
a) courses to take/avoid
b) their opinion on whether this is worthwhile

I also have my doubts about this because so far I am lacking in research experience and any possible opportunities would proably arise in the semester which I would want to spend abroad.

02-20-2015, 10:15 PM
If any of your professors have relationships with any of the professors at TSE, I would speak with them about the potential for Letters of Recommendation. That is, taking Game Theory from Tirole could be fanastic, especially if it ended with a LoR (Assuming you were, say, the best student). That said, such notable professors may not be willing to write Letters in such cases. In which case, taking a course from such a notorious professor (assuming he teaches it) could be bad news if he is an extremely harsh grader and if that is not your best topic. Logically, this extends to any other notable professors at TSE, their respective courses, and the potential for their letters.