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05-02-2015, 04:13 AM
Type of Undergrad: Bsc Math (with Distinction) at a top 3 canadian
Undergrad GPA: 88/100 (not sure what this is in American terms)
Type of Grad: MA in economics (Canadian top 3)
Grad GPA: All A's
GRE: About to Take
Math Courses: Calc I (A), Calc II (A+), Calc III (A-), Linear Algebra (A+), Proofs (B+), ODE(B+), Calc IV (A-), Real Analyis (A+), Complex Analysis (A-), Probability (A-), Stochastic Processes (A+), Numerical Linear Alg, (A), Abstract Algebra (A), Partial Differential Equations (A+), Galois Theory (A+), Linear Programming (A+)
Grad Econ Courses: Micro (A), Econometrics (A+), Macro (A), field courses in public econ, environmental econ, microeconometrics, I/O (all A's)
Undergrad Econ: Principles Micro/Macro (A+, A+), Game Theory (A+), intermediate micro I, (A+), intermediate micro II (A-), intermediate Macro (A), Financial economics (A+), stats for econ(A+), econometrics (A+), environmental economcs (A+), CBA (A+), resource economics (A+)
Letters of Recommendation: 1 from a prominent mathematical physicist, 2 from professors I have had in graduate school
Research Experience: MA thesis in environmental economics
Teaching Experience: TAd for undergrad calculus and linear algebra. TA undergrad micro/macro.
Research Interests: Environmental econ/resource econ
SOP: Will try to tailor specifically to each specific school, not written yet.
Concerns: A couple B+ in undergrad specifically in ODE and proofs. I feel like I rectified this by getting A+ in the subsequent courses (real analysis, pde etc.) but how much will I be punished for it? Also, not much research experience outside a few term papers in grad school and my MA thesis.

I would like to apply to some American schools. I have no idea what range I would be competitive in, should I apply to any top 20 schools? Also, as my main interest is in environmental, I am thinking of applying to some agricultural and resource econ PhD programs as well. My question is how competitive are admissions at the top programs in this area (ie berkeley, davis, marlyand etc.)?

05-04-2015, 01:47 AM
It never hurts to apply to top programs, and the more so for an applicant with strong background as you. My suggestion would be to talk with your recommendors (the Economics professors) and ask for their suggestions regarding range of schools to apply to. I would be surprised if they don't recommend you to apply for the top programs.

05-04-2015, 02:06 AM
Easily a top 20 admit if your letters are decent. Do apply to the top ARE programs, but chances are your eventual best choice will be a regular top 15.

05-06-2015, 01:24 PM
Other than Berkeley, this application is guaranteed at all ARE programs, so I'd recommend you shoot for some top straight econs, apply to Berkeley ARE, and then use UMD AREc and Davis ARE as safeties.

If you want to see what was probably the last funded offer at Maryland AREc to compare yourself, check my profile on roll call or profiles and results.